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Best Budget Dash Cams

When you determine to buy a dash cam, you always face many trouble. Different brands of dash cam have different model and different price dash cam, and different function. You are very confused. Here i recommend the 8 best budget dash cams to buy in 2018, hope to help you select quickly a most suitable dash cam.


azdome dab211 dash cam

This is a 1440p ultra high-definition dash cam,with GPS, ADAS, 150°ultra wide angle, which brings wider vision and don’t deform the image. If you pursue ultra high definition, it is a best choose. Because of its small size, it is easily installed. And the DAB211 support 64G SD to a large extent and also have speeding warning, which make your driving more safe.Buy at Amazon.

Mio MiVue 658

Mio MiVue 658

There is a touch interface,and the GPS and high quality image gain many consumers. Although it is well, but its price is a few high.

The WiFi bit of the name is important - it means you can access clips from the dash camera in your phone. But if that sounds like a gimmick, you can get the same camera for less money without the WiFi function.

Garmin Dash Cam 35

garmin dash cam 35

Garmin Dash Cam 35 is a good dash cam, Garmin Ultimate, with GPS, full HD camera and 3 inches screen.

This dash cam can record at 1080p/300fps, so bring you HD video. And its 180° is very excellent, which give you accurate warning of front the car. The biggest shortcoming of America CAM 35 dash cam has no sounds record.

And it support 64G SD to large extent, you also can buy a extra 64G to invest for your long trip.

Z-Edge Z3

z-edget z3

The most important function -of z-edge Z3 dash cam is to record HD video, 2560*1080p. when you download the video to the computer, you can see more image in detail.

It is equipped with 32G SD and a extra USB cable. But it doesn’t have GPS or WIFI. If you want a better dash cam with good quality image, but needn’t GPS and WIFI, z-edge Z3 is your best choice.

Pruveeo MX2

pruveeo mx2

This dash cam has twp rotatable cameras, one is 720p, anther is 420p. both two can rotate 320°. besides,it has 120° wide angle, which can record all action front and rear the car.

It is also simple to use, you can directly connect to the cigarette lighter to use, when the car start, it will automatically record, while shutdown, it stop. If you want to extend recording time, you can choose 32GB memory card.

Roadhawk HD-2

roadhawk hs-2

If you’re a professional driver – such as a trucker – then the quality of a dash camera is probably a high priority. The HD-2 shoots in 1080p at 60 frames per second, with GPS to record speed and location information. It’s also very solidly made, which you’d expect for the price.

Unfortunately, the dash cam doesn’t have a screen, but the quality of the video is excellent androadhawk HD-2 is worth to see for most of drivers.


azdome gs65h dash cam

The biggest trait of GS65H is that it has two professional Sony camera, the front is 1080p and the rear is 720p, at the same time, it equipped with 2.4 inches LCD screen, so you can watch the video on the dash cam.

It also has a built-in polymer battery that support 64G to a large extent. If you like self-driving, this dual-lens dash cam is your best choice, not only can shot the scenery along the way, but also record inside the car.

Old Shark 1080p Dash Cam

old shark 1080p dash cam

If you need a cheaper dash cam, Old Shark 1080p Dash Cam may your best choice.

Old Shark 1080p Dash Cam can record 30 frame per seconds and it has a built-in IR sensor. In addition, this dash cam is easy to use, when your car start, it will automatically start working, it also provide circulate video.