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Best Night Vision Dash Cam

The traffic accident has become a major problem in the world. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are about 500 thousand people who die in traffic accidents every year in the world, so the impact of automobile safety on human life and property is important. With the development of Highway and improvement of car performance, the car speed is speeding up gradually. In addition, the number of the car increase and traffic accidents is heavy. The increase in traffic accidents causes casualties and property losses, it has become a social problem that can be ignored. So the safety of driving is very essential.

According to the statistics of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), although night traffic accounts for only 1/4 of all road traffic, half of the deaths occur. The number of accidents caused by a poor vision at night accounted for 70%. So it is very necessary to install a better effect of night vision dash cam. Best night vision dash cam ensures that your car is safer and more reliable by making it clear even at night when lighting is inadequate. Here are some of the best night vision dash cam recommended.

best night vision dash cam


The dash cam equipped with the power Ambarella A12 chip and OV4689 sensor,brings a better experience for you whether in CPU,operation speed,image or functions. DAB211 has HDR technology,HDR makes the images clearer than an ordinary dash camera.No longer worried about the high-contrasted light condition. Even in dark night, it can clearly record the driving condition.

The night vision effect video of DAB211:


AZDOME A305 is equipped with Sony IMX323 Sensor and six-layer glass lens, the definition will increase by 20%, both the images and videos will give you a full range of visual impact. This dash cam will be equipped with super night vision effect, it can clearly shoot the HD videos even in a completely dark environment, the night vision effect is pretty powerful.

The advantage of night vision dash cam

In dark at night or a long tunnel or a lush forest, night vision dash cam can clearly record your journey. It is worth to install a night vision dash cam. In addition, there may be minor accidents in the dark parking lot, when the video was taken by the night vision dash cam becomes an important proof of your innocence.

The advantage of Installing a night vision dash cam is that you can drive comfortably in everything condition. Because night vision dash cam accurately record what happened.

How to choose a night vision dash cam

The important thing of a good night vision dash cam is master control chip and sensor. The quality of master control not only affect the efficiency of an image taken in the daytime but also affect the effect of night vision. We all know the video taken in low light at night will appear noisy. If the dash cam has been equipped with a powerful chip and a good effect sensor, it can improve the ability of image processing, reduce noisily and improve quality of the video.

How does the night vision dash cam work?

The best night vision dash cam can take clear video in low light at night. When you drive in dark, you only open headlight, the night vision dash cam can take good video.

The night vision dash cam can’t see clearly in front of the car without any light, but use weak light, chip, and sensor to record video.