AZDOME DAB211 Function Display (Video)



dab211 dash cam.jpg

Azdome has released their first Ambarella chip dash cam DAB211 with built-in GPS and hidden design and this dash cam is very popular among the big dash cam lovers with its stable performance and multiple functions, to give people a better understanding about its capabilities, Azdome created the following function display video, let's have a look.

As we can see in the video, DAB211 is a hidden dash cams with rich functions, it surely has all the expected features of the higher level of dash cams like motion detection, parking monitor or G-sensor, but will throw in some extra stuff like built-in GPS, ADAS, HDR and more.

From the exterior design, there are plenty of heat emission hole which can disperse the heat timely and lower the temperature of dash cam, another big advantage.

So if you are looking for hidden dash cams with high quality, multiple functions and stable performance this should be on your radar.

You can find more about the DAB211 on Azdome official website