AZDOME GS65H - a dash cam whose photo effects are comparable with OPPO R11s



It is generally known that OPPO mobile phone has always been proud of the powerful camera function, soft light double camera, shine your beauty, this powerful feature makes OPPO stand out from the crowd and is hugely popular among the public. The powerful camera function of OPPO mobile phone is not only because of its processor, aperture also plays a significant role. The upcoming OPPO R11s adopts aperture F1.7, this can be counted as a pretty good configuration for mobile phone.

The same as mobile phone, the camera lens of dash cam also has a very high requirement for the aperture, it is difficult for the dash cam with big aperture value to shoot the high-quality video under low light environment, even hard to see clearly the objects on the video.

In order to improve the video effects of dash cam and enhance the user’s experience, AZDOME specially equips GS65H with a big aperture F1.8, 1080p, Sony IMX323 sensor and front lens with six-layer glass lens.

Next, let’s take a look at the photographing effect of GS65H, OPPO R9s and iphone 6 Plus.
OPPO R9S,H5对比图-1.jpg
OPPO R9S,H5对比图-2.jpg
OPPO R9S,H5对比图-3.jpg
OPPO R9S,H5对比图-4.jpg
We can see from the above pictures that the photographing effect of GS65H is not worse than that of OPPO R9s, iphone 6 Plus no matter in strong or low light conditions, some pictures’ quality are even better than that of OPPO R9s and iphone 6 Plus.

When the dash cam is equipped with F1.8 aperture and 150°wide angle lens, what will happen?

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