AZDOME GS65H Front And Rear Dash Cam is Self-driving Necessity



Nowadays, more and more people prefer self-driving, leaving a city to country and closing to nature. Self-driving and driving with no particular place to go are different, self-driving need to be prepared carefully. At this time, it is necessary to have a powerful and practical and convenient dash cam.

front and rear dash cam

In the dash cam industry, AZDOME serious of dash cam have a leading because of its high quality and high technology and have been favored by user and consumers. AZDOME GS65H dash cam is designed with dual-lens, easy use, strong function and high performance and so on, which is very suitable for driving.

Professional image configuration

The AZDOME GS65H dual-lens dash cam has improved significantly in terms of image configuration upgrades. It is equipped with HD camera, Sony flags image sensor, a 2.4inch screen so that it can record HD video that is delicate color and high-quality day and night. 

front and rear dash cam

When you are in self-driving as while the dash cam record the scenery. Use AZDOME GS65H dual-lens dash cam to record the beautiful scenery and local customs along the road, and to record the process of conquering difficulties and obstacles, also can record the sounds, which is like making a tourist movie.

Front and rear large wide angle dual-lens

AZDOME GS65H dual-lens dash cam is equipped with front and rear camera, front 150°and rear 130°wide angle full HD lens that can bring wide viewing angle space for users. The driver can also get real-time information about the road in the rear through the rear camera. No matter what kind of road condition, AZDOME GS65H dual-lens dash cam can help the driver to grasp the first-hand information easily and remind the driver in time to avoid the hidden danger of safety in the tour.

front and rear dash cam

Equipped with G-sensor

During the driving-in tour, there may be some accident. AZDOME GS65H dual-lens dash cam is equipped with G-sensor, which saves the crash video separately and does not cover it when it encounters an emergency brake or collision to avoid user into a variety of disputes.

front and rear dash cam

AZDOME GS65H dual-lens dash cam is a high-cost performance product, as a driving necessity, it is powerful, practical and convenient, which is well received. With the help of AZDOME’s brand public praise and influence, AZDOME GS65H dual-lens dash cam must certainly be popular among more users.

There are currently two versions of the AZDOME GS65H dual-lens dash cam with or without GPS. The GPS version sells for $74.99 on Amazon

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