Azdome grandly introduces DAB211 which can serve as a camera, are you expecting?



Previously, Azdome launched a dash cam - DAB211, which is equipped with Ambarella A12 chip and OV4689 sensor, thus ensures smooth operation speed.

In addition, the other features such as built-in GPS, ADAS, parking monitor, etc enrich its comprehensive performance.

Furthermore, 2560*1440p resolution makes DAB211 much more appealing in performance. Judging from the exposure parameter, DAB211 is, without a doubt, a high-performance dash cam.

From the outward appearance design, 2.5D radian design technology is adopted, combined with the unique heat emission hole, which makes DAB211 more compact and delicate, the innovative appearance breaks down traditional uniform design in the industry.

Today some real shots of DAB211 are collected from Azdome for you to enjoy.

Among the pictures announced by Azdome, some were taken by DAB211, which is very surprising, dash cam can also serve as a camera.

15111800.JPGCurrently, the dash cam has already been on sale in Aliexpress, such a perfect dash cam outstanding in face value and performance, how could you miss it?
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