AZDOME GS63H 4k/24fps dash cam
AZDOME GS63H novatek96660 chipset
AZDOME GS63H can gps track
4k dash cam
AZDOME GS63H with g-sensor
AZDOME GS63H 150° wide angle lens
AZDOME GS63H dashcam with wifiAZDOME GS63H suction mount
AZDOME GS63H 2.4 inch screen
AZDOME GS63H customer services
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  • Falckr

    Perfect! The video quality is excellent, old video is deleted and only the locked ones are saved. Since I have park monitor on, I end of having a lot of footage with me opening and closing door, the dash cam thought someone was breaking in. I have used my iPhone to browse and download video. Download speed is not too bad, just remember to connect to a power source because the 4k dash cam for car will shut down in 30 seconds without external power.

  • ploie

    This is perhaps the most successful my purchase 4k dash cam! ordered on 11 november and 18 november had already arrived in novosibirsk home office! so now i have not received the goods. buy discount 11 / 11 3 776 roubles. packed just. but, given the delivered a box arrived in perfect condition. although, as a recorder, and a big, even the russian post can't hurt anything. the recorder is perfect! angle good quality pictures and day and night beautiful. finds satellites quickly enough, and writes the image date / time and position / speed. works on impact and movement. a little later want to extend the wire from the rear chamber and write with two cameras in a dop разьём recorder. try two programmes on the phone. the recommended LuckyCam and Carcam m5 are almost the same. in LuckyCam wdr cameras are additional settings - expansion of dynamic range in a contrasting light.

  • poui

    A Very good quality product, especially the video quality.I was surprised how small the 4k dash camera is and it does not distract you at all on the windscreen. The 4k picture quality is amazing and you can play back every detail of the passing vehicles at all speeds, My best purchase of this year so far.

  • Kayla

    Looking at a 4k dash cam of high resolution. I do some research, 4K is probably the laest the tech. Seriously, this one is what I totally want. I'm a critical person but I would give it 5 stars. The monitor is extremly clear, and that is what I want most...all features it advertised got no problem by now. Tell my dad to buy one if it works for the next two weeks.

  • Chris-Ann

    I always park my car on the street near my house. It's an old neighborhood, you know, not safe sometimes, so I bought this 4k dash cam and turned on the parking monitor. I'm so surprised that the 4k dash cam did monitor when the car got hit and saved a locked video file, in which a young man was sitting on my car's hood, but did no harm to my car. It' really surprices me that the parking mode works so good!

  • Brian

    This dashcam is basically a black box DVR for your car. It's small, light and slick. I has a ton of features from video, photography recording, motion detection, parking mode. You can also download an app and use the GPS tracking feature on both the IPhone and Android. I placed this in the side of my dash and it's very discreet. You can see from the outside windshield picture that is hard to tell if there something there. You can also see how thin it is from the side view picture. There's only one screw you need to connect the camera to the suction cup, which is very easy to do. The quality of the camera its actually pretty good, which you can see in the picture. I've never had a dashcam before and I'm very satisfied with this one so far. The only downside I see if that you need to buy an SD card, otherwise, for the price, it's good value for money!

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