AZDOME GS63H 4k/24fps dash cam
AZDOME GS63H novatek96660 chipset
AZDOME GS63H can gps track
AZDOME GS63H with g-sensor
AZDOME GS63H 150° wide angle lens
AZDOME GS63H dashcam with wifiAZDOME GS63H suction mount
AZDOME GS63H 2.4 inch screen
AZDOME GS63H customer services
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  • 2588

    Love the camera its great perfect size for dash cam and its so sharp . All i can say is wow! This dash cam screen is bright and clear even when its on a bumpy road. This camera has everything you need to start up all you need to do is buy an SD card, you can find those at walmart for $20.00 or even less. this camera is more then just video it has photo and audio. you also can have the time and date on the videos so if you do witness or have an accident you have the official proof of who is at fault This is a decent camera for the price - very small, 4K grade video, lots of setting options, very easy to operate once you get the hang of it. The video is clear even at night depending on conditions.even License numbers on the highway is possible to see it. Pro Light weight Small Large screen display High resolution video quality Wifi setting Easy to set up Nice packing Book manual with clear instruction

  • K

    his Car DashCam has amazing results and features. The quality of the camera is picture perfect. I had recently hit my car and trust me I know how it feels when your insurer tells you that unless you cannot provide evidence or proof that someone else hit your car they are not gonna pay for your damages. I just wished I had a dash cam that night. But Now i got myself one. I checked it out and tested it on my car windshield. It fits perfectly and the best part it that the Cam is really small in size which means It does'nt occupy your view at all. There is a builtin GPS sensor to track your routes so if you want to have a look that where your car was taken or if you want to keep a track of your miles, this camera works in both ways. Just plug it into the Car Cigarette charger. And off you go. There are some other options to set date and time which is always helpful. You do not have to take it out everytime. The moment you start your engine it will start to record. Or you can set it up manually. Normally what I prefer is to record it by itself. Here is one more catch. When you put in the SD Card. You do not have to delete your old videos, it is going to overwrite once the camera detects that there is no more space left in it. Its really good in quality and a good for price. The screen quality is 4k and the display is really worth watching. Mostly the other dashcams available out there do not have a sharp picture quality but this Dash cam has all the right features. The resolution 4k goes upto 2880 x 2160.

  • Yami

    Accidents happen, it’s a part of life. But when they do happen, you’ll want to make sure you have video evidence of the accident… primarily because people are very quick to file lawsuits these days. That being said, a Dash Cam is a MUST. And it’s even more important to make sure the dash cam you purchase is reliable… otherwise if an accident happens, it can be useless. The first thing I will say about this dash cam is that it is incredibly easy to use. The only thing you need to do is add an SD card (not included), plug the camera in, and you’re good to go. The camera will automatically begin recording once the car is on, which is GREAT for people who are forgetful (like myself), so you never have to worry about forgetting to record. The quality of the camera is outstanding. It is capable of shooting in 4k which is really remarkable for a camera in this price range. However, I prefer to shoot in 1080p or 720p to keep space on my memory card. Don’t let this deter you- the camera will actually write over your memory card if it becomes full. I just find smaller files are easier to work with! Another really cool feature is that the camera is compatible with both GPS and Wi-Fi. That means not only can you see where your footage came from, you can also get it right off of your phone without having to deal with any cables or iTunes. Perfect! You’re really not going to find a better dash cam in this price range!

  • ck40711

    I had a 1080p dash camera that I loved, but recently purchased a 4K TV so naturally I wanted to get a 4K dash cam. This one was being offered at just under $80 which for 4K I thought was a pretty good price considering I paid over $120 for my previous 1080p model. I loaded a video (not sure how it will look on Amazon after the upload) but let me tell you the quality of this dash cam is amazing. Below are a couple of the things I liked about it when comparing it to my previous 1080p dash cam. (1) The suction cup has a twist knock to lock and unlock it (which is a nice feature for getting it tight and easily taking it down) (2) The 4K video quality is amazing, far nicer than the 1080p. You don't need a 4K TV to notice it either. . . I can tell the clarity difference just watch the videos on my computer. (3) The charge cord it comes with is the same size as what Garmin uses. So if you are like me and also have a Garmin GPS in your car, you can use the same cable (vs. having a separate cable to have to figure out where to plug it in). (4) This item can easily rotate up and down as well as full 360, so if you want to video something on the side or behind you it is possible (you are not just limited to what is in front). (5) It has a built in GPS, which is so awesome. No matter where you are the video will show your location and it shows it on the screen. (6) It shows the speed you are driving. . . again, another awesome feature (especially if you get pulled over for speeding). Using it out of the box, the default is 3 minute videos before producing a new file. It does not come with a micro SD card so that you have to buy yourself :(. I put a 16GB card in mine and it holds just over 2 hours of video. Really cool product, I am buying one for my dad I like it so much. I hope this review helped but feel free to ask me any questions if you need to.

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