ambarella dsah cam dab211

night vision dab211

dab211 gps
dab211 hdr

DAB211 over speed warning

dab211 adjustable lens

dab211 adas

hidden design dab211dab211 g-sensor

dab211 wide angle

dab211 image no distortion

dab211 parking monitor
dab211 package.jpgDAB211 Specs








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  • moli

    They are very very good: we bought 4.However, during a house move I believe I left my window sucker in the hire van and have not been able to find a suitable replacement (the ones supplied are quite good and I can't seem to find a direct replacement from Azdome).Anyway that's my fault.Again very good picture quality: number plates so easy to see - must for claims.

  • Legenddriver8989

    The best hd dash cam especially for taxi drivers as it records the whole interior n front as the same time. U can aso choose jus front or interior or both at the same time without goin to the settings. Nite vision is jus fantastic n can see cars plates very clearly. U can on n off mic without going to the menu. Just buy a SD card lightning n download the ( i-flashdevice ) app n watch all ur videos n send them to authorities if required so. Recommended !!!

  • Pankaj Arora

    I am very happy with this hd dash cam. This is much better than my expectations. The screen size of this is pretty decent. Both cameras in front and the rear are very good and give very good quality videos. It has so many features that makes it better than many other dash dams in the market. It has auto turn off or on, it has the motion detection feature, parking mode option, F1.8 aperture for front camera, has built in GPS microphone as well and many more things. Everything can be easily recorded in the micro CD card and can even be viewed on TV as it has a TV out port too. It is very small and compact but so much powerful with so many features that you will keep counting.

  • teal

    High quality, lots features, wifi, gps I am pretty pleased with this purchase, as well as my brother. This dash camera is very well made and durable.I bought this hd dash camera for my brother as a birthday gift, and he is so happy. There two important features making the dash camera different from other brand: 1. built in gps, you know where you went through googel map 2. built in wifi, you can see the view through your cell phone using app,It is quite easy to install and learn how to use. Just a couple minutes you will setup everything.

  • jet

    The hd dash cam worth every penny!This my first hd dash cam, Video quality is very superb,take a few minutes to get familiar with the accessories and the hd dashcam which is really easy to use.

  • koul

    Best hd dash cam, good quality video, easy to use. Very happy with this purchase. This is the 2nd dash cam I've owned. This is the first Azdome I've owned.Feel Azdome is much better than the previous one after use a period of time.

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