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AZDOME A307 g sensor dash cam
g sensor dash cam

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  • Tempuraki

    Great g sensor dashcam! This is my first dashcam with g senor and I was surprised how easy it was to set up. The picture makes it looks bigger than it really is, it actually fits in the palm of your hand and when installed behind the rearview mirror, you can't see it at all.

  • junkie

    This camera was relatively easy to install. The camera sticks to the window via a rectangular bracket and double-sided tape. The tape that comes with it is white. It comes with a very long power cord so that you can hide it in the window moldings, but I’d recommend using a hardwire kit available separately. I like the mount because it’s pretty solid, unlike suction cup mounts which tend to bounce.

  • matt

    This is a very high-quality dash cam with g sensor. I do not like having anything in my field of view and so I was worried about putting up a dash cam even though I knew that I wanted it in case of an accident or something like that. Luckily this camera is really compact and is able to fit on my windshield so that it is blocked from view by my rear view mirror when I am driving. The instructions are pretty clear and I think that it is helpful to read through them all before getting started. Formatting my memory card was pretty simple and am using a 64gb micro sd card with no problems so far. The camera has a wide field of view which is great in case someone comes from the side or could even help if someone else gets in an accident around you and you could send them the footage if they want. The video is pretty good considering how small this camera is and I can easily make out license plates. One thing that I like about this camera as compared to some others is that it has loop recording. This means that when the memory card gets full then it simply overwrites the oldest clip. This is a must have really because otherwise, you have to remember to wipe the card every so often or else it will not record. If you are worried about a clip being written over then just push a button and it will lock the file until you manually delete it. Another cool thing is that you can set it to record 3, 5, or 10-minute clips whereas some other dash cam only has the 3-minute option. Since it is recording all of the time that it is powered on, this does not make a huge difference, but it can be easier to have a longer clip. The nighttime recording is not the greatest, but not sure what else to expect from a dash cam, it cannot really have the best night vision qualities. I do not drive that much at night anyway, so it was not an issue for me. The power cord is plenty long enough to run it up to your roof and then through the rubber in the door (might want to look up how to do this depending on your car), and it was a pretty simple process. The little clips are nice to help with running the cable under the passenger glove box. Overall this is a really high-quality compact dash cam loaded with features and for the price, it is well worth the added peace of mind that it gives you.

  • Amanda

    A great dash cam with g sensor, I think the fact that I've bought a second one says how much I like this camera. I used to use a different camera, but I hated a lot of things about it. This camera, however, has so many positives. The first is the shape. My old camera was in the shape of my rearview mirror, and was bulky and looked ridiculous. This one is the perfect shape for stealth and not blocking vision. The second is ease of use. Very easy to go into the settings and make it what you want. Packaging is also great, it comes in a well-fitted box. I also really love that the actual camera part is able to be adjusted. The other camera was completely connected to the base and couldn't be tilted or anything. This one is moveable! I've used this camera in my mustang for a long time, and now that I have a truck I wanted to get another. I don't even feel right driving without this camera. I will use it forever.

  • Aj Roy

    Thank goodness for Dash Cams! Most of the time when you seen a front/rear collision, it is often automatically assumed that the rear driver is at fault. However, in this case, it was not and this dash cam is my only proof of evidence. I installed this dash cam myself back in December when I purchased my car and wired it myself. It wasn't difficult and I was able to conceal most of the wires. Anyway, there's tons of reviews here that elaborate on the product, so I encourage you to read those.

  • Teresa Parker

    Great camera for documentation. I opted to place it on the rear window of my SUV specifically to record only items from the rear such as tailgaters and road ragers for police review. Works well since i can change settings via on my phone. I used a full HD quality cam for forward views.

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