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  • Mario

    I purchased this dual lens dash camera to record and verify events that might happen while on the road. I am an older driver and we tend to get blamed for accidents, this would prove or disprove most discrepancies. The color is great and it performs as listed. I wi this directly into my Trailblazer's module that controls the rear vent windows and etc. I orde the transformer kit which fit directly into the control housing so everything looks like GM did it! It comes on when I start up and off when I turn off the ignition. I'm very pleased. Also the suction cup mount works great.

  • Kaitlin Maycroft

    I was in the market for a dual lens dash camera for over a now. I bought one a few months ago but ended up returning it as it had too many issues. I ordered this due to all the great reviews. I'm glad I did because I like it a lot so far. It operates without any issues and all the features works great. As many people stated, I love how it's shaped and I can have it near the roof of my car and it's almost not noticeable. It's easily one of the best dash cam I have come across.

  • Romelia

    Nice-All I need for protection of my driving and parking-It is not a home security camera ok so forget it-It does not have night vision but, with your lights on it does the job. I learned how to use the system within minutes. I have not had any problems with this dash camera not even a flicker. Clear wide angle shots of everything around you, clear to catch license plates, easy down load to PC and quick access to clips by date and time. A truck with attached trailer cross my lane todayalmost hitting me, it is all recorded.

  • xoi

    Wow, I was surprised at it,easy to put in my car and program .itself is small but won’t obscure my view when driving.clear images ,this is a good companion with my car. The cost was ok for my budget.This my best dual dash cam.

  • terre

    Great dual lens dash cam for documentation. I opted to place it on the rear window of my SUV specifically to record only items from the rear such as tailgaters and road ragers for police review. Works well since i can change settings via on my phone. I used a full HD quality cam for forward views.

  • Jimmy Kelly

    the best dual dash cam, Product arrived well ahead of scheduled delivery. Provides peace of mind when driving knowing that I have evidence in the event of an accident. The product is small enough to hide behind my rear-view mirror and the wire is long enough to be routed discreetly to the USB outlet.Great little gadget.

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