Best Dash Cam Parking Mode

If you're looking to get something to record high quality while your car is parked, or you've been the victim of vandalism that has been going on around your neighborhood and want to safeguard your car. Installing a dash cam with parking mode is a good choice. Most dashcams with a dedicated parking mode, especially if it is buffered, and that's what you should be looking for, are high-quality dashcams. Buffered parking mode means that the camera will record and save video for a short period leading up to an 'event' and for a short period after the 'event'. The video will be placed in a protected folder so that it cannot be erased by overwriting.

But one challenging factor seems to be the camera's parking mode recording quality at night, is this just a universal challenge or do cameras exist with solid night vision parking modes? I will give you a list of dash cams with parking mode and you can check them out.

GS65H dual dash cam parking mode

GS65H is equipped with NOVATEK 96655, SONY IMX323 sensor, 1920*1080p/30fps, dual-lens, 150 degree and support to max 64GB.

Auto turn off while the car off. In the event of the collision, parking mode will wake up the dash cam to record videos for a while then shuts down. Because GS65H is low power dissipation in the state of shutdown, built-in 450mA lithium battery of the GS65H can complete 24 hour parking monitoring.

AZDOME give the official price for GS65H is $139.99, but now at $95.99 on Amazon, which means that you can save $44.

AZDOME M02 dash cam with parking mode

M02 time lapse parking mode allows your dashcam to continuously record at 1fps (one frame per second). Videos are played back at 30fps. Parking mode on, when car engine off, camera will off automatically. if any collision or crash to the car, the camera will restart to recording and save the files automatically.It normally record 60 seconds then off automatically. When the collision is detected again, the camera function is started again. The recorded videos are saved and locked, which also never be covered by cycle video.

It wth motion detection is enabled, when the vehicle recorder detects the movement of the object, the camera starts recording, and the camera automatically enters the motion detection standby state after the motion detection is finished. When the object is detected again, the camera function is started again.

The dash cam give you free access to the camera through APP, simply connect your phone to the camera, and control the dash camera to change settings, view real-time, take photo, record video, playback, download the record files to your smart phone to edit it and share to Facebook.

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M05 front and rear dash cam with parking mode

best dash cam with parking mode

The dash cam with a 3 inch OLED touch screen, that you can easily operate on dash cam, just like using a iPhone phone. At the same time, the dash camera with two camera, front 1080p and rear 720p, that can recording the front and rear videos of the car, enjoy a viewing experience that is more than 2x the standard HD video. The M05 dash cam with parking mode, that can provide 24 hours protection for your car which provides insurance evidence for financial loss and vehicle scratches.

And the M05 dash cam with GPS track, that means your location as well as your speed is recorded, the driving route can be viewed onap. In addition, it with WDR, can clear image and video is captured in over exposure and underexposure environment.

About the GPS player app, Azdome prepared two versions of Windows and Mac for us, we can head to the support page of Azdome official website to download. We can see from the screenshot of Windows system that there are speed and direction compass on the bottom right corner, and the top right corner is google map track( this software supports google map and Baidu map), and the left side is video interface.

What is dash cam parking mode?

Parking mode is to continue recording while the car shuts down. If you want to use parking mode, it is recommended that the dash cam connect regular electricity. After turning on the parking mode, when the front of the car is relatively static, the dash cam is a standby state, and in the case of moving objects, the machine will automatically turn on the recording, this feature needs to be turned off when it is normally used.

3 different kinds of dash cam parking mode

1. Simple parking mode:
If an impact or motion is detected by the camera, it will come alive and start recording, hopefully catching the perpetrator. This type of parking mode is by far the most energy efficient of the three. The problem with simple parking mode is that in the time it takes the camera to wake up and start recording, whoever damaged your car might already be gone.

2. Buffered parking mode:
The camera records continuously, and saves the video footage to internal memory. When an impact or motion is detected, a couple of seconds (typically 10 or 20) before and after the event will be saved to the camera’s SD card, in a special write protected folder so it doesn’t get overwritten. An alert will also be shown when you get back to your car, so you will be aware something happened.

3. Time-lapse mode:
An alternative to the above modes is time-lapse mode, in which the camera shoots a still picture every second or so (1fps). This allows you to watch a time-lapse version of what was going on around your car while you were gone. Some cameras will additionally switch to normal recording for a certain period of time after they detect an event.

Which dashcam parking mode is best?

Usually, we prefer buffered parking mode, as you get a video of everything that happens around your car. However, when your car is parked in a busy street or in a parking lot with lots of movement, then with buffered parking mode, the motion detection would kick in all the time and fill your memory card with useless video. In that case, time-lapse parking mode is better.On the other hand, when parking for long periods of time, simple parking mode may be best as it consumes the least amount of energy.

How does dash cam parking mode work?

The working principle of parking monitoring is the same as recording video in an emergency. The dash cam is waked up to record videos through G-sensor. Some of the wireless remote-controlled game handles that are common around us also use this principle. At present, most of the dash cam on the market use 3 axis G-sensor, which has high sensitivity and small error.

The power supply of the dash cam is generally selected cigarette lighter, so when the car shuts down, cigarette lighter is not electric. So the dash cam with parking mode must have a independent battery. Some hing-end dash cam has the function of networking, once parking mode alarm occurs, it will first time to sent message to the connecting phone.

Parking monitoring is very practical, recording emergencies and restoring the scene. So in the purchase of dash cam, you can choose a machine with this function to bring better protection for your car.

How to power supply for dash cam parking mode?

In order to use the dash cam when parking, first, you should solve the problem of the power supply. In general, the dash cam relay on the battery of the car to work, although the dash cam has built-in battery, the standby time is not long. So how to achieve 24 hour parking monitoring? Next, i will introduce three methods.

1, Power Bank

In general. The output voltage of the dash cam is 5V/1.5A, same as mobile phone, so we can use power bank to charge. Common car video recorder using 380mA built-in battery can use half an hour, so 1W mA/h mobile power can ensure to continuously work 12 hour. It is no problem to use a whole day. It is noticed that it must out of directly sunlight in summer.

2, The Basics

The basic hardwiring kit is common. Because the voltage of the car is 12V, and the dash cam is 5V, so you should buy a depression cable to directly connect fuse box. However, this method involves electric circuit of the car, so generally ask master for help to install.

3, Battery

In general, for the security, the dash cam parking mode doesn’t has a built-in battery, but at present, many manufacturers have put into trigger parking monitoring, with the concept that the car can be automatically turned on to record 10 seconds when it is hit or rubbed, then turn off. This theory is able to meet the parking monitoring caused by the power consumption. But the shortcoming is that the impact is not strong enough, the dash cam can’t turn on.

How to use parking mode?

To enter into parking mode, you may have to turn on it in ‘record setup’ firstly. And then it will auto into parking mode after 5 min it detects no motion, or you can manually long press the ‘downward button’ then it will enter into parking mode immediately.

To use the parking mode, please use a power bank to connect the dash cam, also you can buy a Hardwire Kit to connect the dash cam to your car battery directly since its inner battery is really small that only designed there for remembering the setting.

If you enable parking mode, will it turn off automatically when you shut off the car?

No matter the parking mode is on or not. If the power supply cut off, camera will auto cut off. But if the power supply still offer power to the camera even when car engine off, then the camera will not auto turn off and consume your car battery. Notmally if you drive everyday, even just half hour, it won't drain the car battery.

Parking mode enabled, shutting down the device will parking mode still work?

Parking mode requires constant power supply. Most latest car models can always supply power to cigarette lighter port. If your car could do that, just leave parking mode to Parking Off or Parking Monitor, R100 will turn off itself automatically after 5 minutes then enable parking mode.

Dash cam parking mode sensitivity setting

in parking mode and raining outside it’s gonna record all the time when it's raining? It has a high, medium and low setting for impacts while the vehicle is parked and not running. This will not record rain or even the shutting of the door. Maybe on High sensitivity mode but I doubt it. If you are continually supplying power to the device, then yes, it will continue to record. It's best to run it from the inside fuse box if your cigarette lighter is continually powered on, even when the vehicle is turned off.