Best Dash Cam Under $100 2019

Because of growing number of cars and continual happening of traffic accidents, in order to reduce unnecessary troubles and easily get evidence, so the dash cam gradually becomes a basic equipment for drivers. The first thing after buying a car is to install a dash cam.

But there are various brand and price of the dash cam, and many consumers are very confused the various parameters. More and more pay attention to how to choose a dash cam with stable performance and good quality.

In order to save your choosing time, we have tested a lot of machines, I finally recommend a dash cam under 100 dollars, it is the best dash cam under $100 at the market.

best dash cam under $100


AZDOME DAB211 dash cam adopted professional chip of sports camera -- Ambarella A12, which combine with the advance image processing unit so that it can adjust the deformation and has all kind model of image, H.264 and image compression arithmetic. Even in 150°wide angle, it also can perfectly ensure the image without deformation, it can cover multiple lanes, which is better on image quality.

In addition, AZDOME has improved HDR, the image is clearer through intelligently restraining excessive brightness. Beyond these, it is equipped with 150°and 39°adjustment lens to record all-around. Therefore, the DAB211 can bring your better experience.

Best dual dash cam under 100 dollars

The AZDOME PG01 mirror dash cam employs a high-quality rearview mirror's high transmittance material that blends with the car. With 5.5 inch touchscreen mirror, you can much easier to navigate and set the multi-function men, you can check the traffic situation and take control. And with the high transparency blue-white mirror, you can get achromatic vision whether day or night, this feature greatly increases night driving safety in some situation.

The dual dash cam simultaneous recording in Full HD 1080P for front view video recording and 720P waterproof rear cam, 150° wide angle lens for front camera and 120° for rear view camera, providing excellent coverage and ensuring you get the very best footage possible all day and night.

PG01 rear view mirror dash cam with star-light sensor, you can see the license plate number, it's a nessary for Uber Lyft and fathers; Equipped with a waterproof rear camera, provide a rear view that is activated when the reverse gear is engaged. Will show the parking guide line, it can guide drivers to secure parking areas.

best dash cam under $100

The advantage of buying a dash cam under $100

There are many other high-priced features, so why should we spend more money on the dash cam that does the same function? And the high-price dash cam will provide a more useless function to improve its price. For example, use WIFI share the video on social media. In fact, the dash cam under $100 also can achieve to share the video on social media. You only connect the dash cam and mobile phone through wifi, then download the video on the phone, you can easily share it on Facebook and other media.

And if you buy an expensive dash cam, it may attract thieves, it isn’t worth to steal the dash cam under $100 for thieves.

Another advantage is that the dash cam can record the scenery along your trip or other unexpected things. So it is worth to invest a dash cam.

When you buying a dash cam,you should consider three essential factors

1, not only can it record clearly in the daytime, but also record clearly in dark at night. 2, videos taken can be saved and locked and be used as essential evidence. 3, high cost-effective When above three condition is suitable for the dash cam, you must buy a satisfactory product.