Best Dash Cam With GPS

Unlike normal dash cam, the dash cam with GPS can display your current location. The most importance is that it also can can display your speed. In this rapid society, traffic accident happen all time, if your car don’t be installed a dash cam, it is going to be a lot of trouble. The biggest benefit of installing a dash cam is that the video taken can be used as evidence to protect your interests.

When dealing with the traffic accident, sometimes traffic police determine whether you break the regulation from your speed. In this time, the dash cam with GPS as a powerful evidence can prove your innocence. Instead of arguing, you can simply provide video taken by the dash cam and the speed and location of the car taken by the dash cam to judge whether you break the rule. Today, i show you several the best dash cam with GPS on the market. According to your budget and favor, you can choose a best dash cam with GPS.

best dash cam with gps


Azdome executed a full test of the GPS function of DAB211, from the test result, the GPS function works well, normally, it can search GPS signal within 2 minutes, and the connection speed is also very fast, currently the dash cam which can connect GPS signal within 2 minutes is relatively few, DAB211 can be counted as an excellent built-in GPS dash cam.

About the GPS player app, Azdome prepared two versions of Windows and Mac for us, we can head to the support page of Azdome official website to download. We can see from the screenshot of Windows system that there are speed and direction compass on the bottom right corner, and the top right corner is google map track( this software supports google map and Baidu map), and the left side is video interface. (Here insert the screenshot of GPS track)

DAB211 built-in gps helps to keep track of your vehicle’s physical location and speed as you drive.And over speed warning makes monitoring speed easier helping you improve health and safety.


Makes GS63H much more appealing is that the GPS and WiFi are compatible with the device, that is to say, Azdome GS63H is equipped with built-in GPS and WiFi simultaneously, furthermore, the design of suction mount is also unusual compared to many other dash cams, GS63H suction mount adopts silicone with greater force of friction on the bottom, which makes it easier to install and take down the suction mount. Other specs include Novatek96660 chip, OV4689 sensor, 2.4 inch LCD, 150°ultra wide angle, G-sensor, parking monitor, etc.

GPS means your location as well as your speed is recorded,the driving route can be viewed on Google map.


The reason why GS65H gets the favor of the masses of customers is not only because of the compact and elegant appearance, the other features such as unique heat emission hole, Novatek96655 chip and Sony IMX323 sensor make GS65H much more appealing.And GS65H built-in GPS, helps your driving more secure.

GS65H GPS Dual Lens Dashcam Video:

Why do you need the dash cam with GPS?

The dash cam with GPS can record your current location and speed, and will notify you in advance when you encounter a test radar, thus avoiding speeding and ticketing. Another benefit is the team leader can use GPS to track the routes of their employees. Because fuel costs are a major expense of the company, so make sure the team chooses the best route to save a lot of money.

How does dash cam with GPS work?

Because the GPS signal is from satellite, so the dash cam needs a module that can be built-in dash am to receive this signal.

GPS is a completely passive system. Because the GPS module and GPS satellite signal is unidirectional communication. In other words, use GPS in free, and receive this GPS signal in free. You don’t have to pay any extra fees.