Best Dash Cam With WiFi

The dash cam with WiFi can easily send on the footage in question to law enforcement or an insurance company with the quick click of a button. You can save a lot of unnecessary operations. The dash cam with wifi is convenient for changing basic settings, reviewing video and downloading video files directly to your phone or computer. So the wifi dash cam for car is becoming more and more popular.

When buying the dash cam with WiFi on the market, there are many good choices. but not all of these options are created equal. A number of questions arise when you decide to buy a car camera recorder, Which brand needs to trust? Which wifi dash cam is best? And which the best budget dash cam wifi?

Here is our review of the best wifi dash cameras on the market today, include front and rear dash cam wifi, hidden dash cam with wifi, rear view mirror dash cam with wifi. You don't need a lot of budget. these dash cam under 100, that you can make the most informed choice for you and your car.


It has hardly been one month since the AZDOME 4k dash cam GS63H made its appearance, and then the resolution and WiFi function were gradually introduced not long after its announcement. Now it’s time for the overall appearance to pop up, today AZDOME brings the real shots of 4k WiFi dash cam GS63H for us.

WiFi function is one of the advantages of GS63H, we can operate GS63H in cellphone through WiFi connection, for example, we can switch between the video and photo mode, record and stop, and download the recorded video without using the cellphone data, which brings much convenience to us, however, many people may not be familiar with usage of the WiFi function.

The following is GS63H's WiFi functionality demo video:


The dash cam is equipped with Novatek96658 processor, an IMX323 image sensor, 2.45-inch IPS LCD and 150-degree viewing angle, which allow the drivers to see the screen effect from multiple perspectives and capture more details in the frame. In addition, two installation methods(3M mount and suction mount) and WiFi connection make A305 much more appealing.

WiFi function also changes our using habits for dash cam to a great extent, with wifi function, we only need a cell phone to operate the recording and shooting of A305, we can also download the recorded video and picture without cell phone data, which makes our life more convenient. This dash cam will be equipped with super night vision effect, it can clearly shoot the HD videos even in a completely dark environment, the night vision effect is pretty powerful.

M03 Dual Dash Cam with WiFi

dash cam with wifi

The M03 is a very good dash cam with wifi, sold at an affordable price, under $100. The dash cam wifi capability can connect to your dashcam with the smart phones, that you can check the view from the front and rear cameras or transfer files to your phone.

In addition, M03 dash cam with 2 channel front and rear, both of the front and rear camera all 1080p, with this dual das cam, can record clearly the vehicle condition in front and rear at the same time. 150 degree wide angle can cover multiple lanes easily.

A108 Front and Rear Car Camera Recorder

dash cam with wifi

A108 is a rear view mirror dash cam with wifi, the biggest difference between it and the dash cam mentioned above is that it looks like a rearview mirror on the car. A108 dash cam with a 7.8 inch IPS touch screen, demonstrating new techniques and rechnology to precisely follow the curves of the design, all the way to the elegantly rounded corners. As a rear mirror, is much more clear than the original mirror. The dashcam with a great parking guard, reversing visibility that you can easy reverse garage.

The advantage of the dash cam with wifi

Because of some reasons, We used to remove the memory card to copy the video, at the same time, it also is dealt with by the computer. And the new wifi function is used to connect to the phone APP to upload the video you want.

The emergency video used to be saved on the memory card, but if happening a serious accident, the dash cam may be damaged or some human reasons result in the data loss. And the new WiFi function can set SYNC on the APP, if there is an emergency video, it will automatically copy to the designated phone or other connected devices. Even if encounter the above problems, there is still an important video on the phone to safeguard our interests. At present, I don’t found best this type dash cam at home, now is mostly Bluetooth function.

Does the dash cam have wifi? what is its function?

Maybe a lot of drivers have this doubt. So I have introduced why the dash cam has wifi. In fact, most dash cam with wifi use with APP, in other words, use the mobile phone to connect the wifi of the dash cam, phone APP can synchronously play the video taken by the dash cam and also share to the social platform.

Without an internet connection, does the mobile phone can synchronously play the video?

You can synchronously the video was taken by dash cam through APP, needn’t the internet. You only turn on the WiFi and connect to your dash cam. Besides, without an internet connection, if wifi signal is not abnormal, you can download the video taken by the dash cam any time.

Why do some dash cams will appear deformation at the same angle?

Besides choosing a good hardware,both software arithmetic and IQ test have great influence on products effect.Especial image quality,according to different sensor and lens, you need to test each one,which is software performance.Only a dash cam combining hardware with software can take good effect image.

The dash cam with wifi is might be an important feature, it could make your life a lot easier and save you some time.