Best Dual Channel Dash Cam 2019

It is believed that most of drivers are bored while driving for long time, but they can’t concentrate on other entertainment. Are there any good way to solve this problem? But always some team will try to change the situation so that long-distance driving can have a new way of playing. Today we'll recommend a number of dual channel dash cameras.

AZDOME hope to create a number of dual channel dash cams that not only can meet drivers’ need of preventing racketeers and ensuring driving safety, but also use the mobile phone client to achieve value-added service in the era of mobile internet. For example, take photos while driving along the way, or take short videos and share them with social networks via mobile client, which make dash cam more fun.

1.Car Dash Camera Front And Rear

The AZDOME PG01 mirror dash cam employs a high-quality rearview mirror's high transmittance material that blends with the car. With 5.5 inch touchscreen mirror, you can much easier to navigate and set the multi-function men, you can check the traffic situation and take control. And with the high transparency blue-white mirror, you can get achromatic vision whether day or night, this feature greatly increases night driving safety in some situation.

The dual dash cam simultaneous recording in Full HD 1080P for front view video recording and 720P waterproof rear cam, 150° wide angle lens for front camera and 120° for rear view camera, providing excellent coverage and ensuring you get the very best footage possible all day and night.

PG01 rear view mirror dash cam with star-light sensor, you can see the license plate number, it's a nessary for Uber Lyft and fathers; Equipped with a waterproof rear camera, provide a rear view that is activated when the reverse gear is engaged. Will show the parking guide line, it can guide drivers to secure parking areas.

best front and rear dash cam with night vision

2.Best 2 Channel Dash Cam

Some dual-lens dash cam with night vision use cable to connect the rear lens to reach a recording. Today, we mention the most innovative and the best GS65H front and rear dash cam in 2017, which dual-lens is two lens in one machine.

The most difference between GS65H and other dual-lens dash cam is the design of the lens, which can provide the whole scene recording because of the wide angle of the front 150°and the rear 130°. And when you adjust single lens model, it has 1920*1080P/30fps, while you dual-lens model, it is 1440*1080P and 720P.

GS65H is also a powerful dash cam. Besides motion detection, parking monitoring and G-sensor, it has a unique function, such as IR light, front and rear recording, WDR, etc.

GS65H is a front and rear dual lens dash cam with parking mode, compared with other single-lens dash cams, power consumption is relatively high. So AZDOME has a lot of cooling holes around the front camera of the GS65H body and on both sides of the fuselage. These heat dissipation holes effectively transmit the heat inside the fuselage to the outside, thereby releasing the heat generated by excessive power consumption to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Further to avoid the dash cam long-time operation of the heat caused by the phenomenon of the crash.

Of course, only using chip and sensor can fully present whether a dash cam has the ability to record HD video. The quality of the lens is also important. GS65H adopt six-layer glass lens and IR lens, which bring a good light transmittance and even appearing versicolor also will be filtered by IR lens to restore the scene. In addition, the front lens of GS65H is F1.8, which further to ensure the quality of the image.

dash cam for uber

3.Car Camera Front And Back

HS790B is equipped with 9.88 inch IPS screen and uses full-bonding technology and see-through mirror so that it can’t affect the reflection experience. At the same time, add anti-glare coating to make safe for driving at night.

HS790B is a front and rear dual channel HD streaming video mirror dash cam. The 10 inch high resolution touch screen can be used to switch the front and back view picture through touch screen, and the front and back view screen can also be displayed simultaneously. Split ultra-high definition large wide-angle lens, so that the installation position becomes more casual. The thin HS790B adopts strap to fix and can fit seamlessly with the original rear view mirror. HS790B also supports external GPS.

The traditional rear-view mirror has a large blind area, it is impossible to record HD video and there is no guarantee for the safety of driving in low light or other bad environment, such as fog and rani. .HS790B streaming video mirror dash cam, using streaming media technology, transmission speed up to 5 Mbpss, wide angle digital camera,up to 150 ° wide angle, capture more details, advanced optical technology, make the photo effect to achieve amazing effect. Better than other intelligent rear view mirror field of vision, can achieve balance between visual field width and distance sense of reality, effectively clear the blind area of driving, driving becomes more safe.

best dual channel dash cambest dual channel dash cam

HS790B can easily cope with bad weather, real -time streaming video transmission ensure the rear image can be saw in real-time. Even rain, fog and deep-color film have no influence for the use of rear-view mirror. The following is the comparison of the effects of the traditional rear-view mirror and the HS790B.

best dual channel dash cam

HS790B use WDR strong light suppression technology, which can better to solve the problem of contrast of light source, effectively suppress the strong light, can prevent glare to stimulate the eyes when the headlight is illuminated after driving at night. Here is a comparison between HS790B strong light streaming video mirror and the traditional rear view mirror.

best dual channel dash cam

HS790B also has a 24 hour parking mode. After the car shuts down, it will automatically turn on the parking mode. In addition, it can achieve loop recording without leakage. When the memory card is full, the machine will automatically cover the previous video, this process is recycled without manual operation.

best dual channel dash cam

With powerful function, simple operation and beautiful appearance, some people who like self-driving can record the worthy scenery while driving. If you use mobile phone to take photos while driving, it is very dangerous. But combed the lens of the dual channel dash cam with APP, it is easy to achieve the experience of while driving while recording.

Connecting HS790B to mobile phone with wireless, the travel photos or videos can be saved in the phone, also can be shared to Facebook, YouTube,Twitter and other social media.