6 Best Front And Rear Dash Cam 2019

Most of the dash cam has a single lens to shot the front of the car, but now a kind of dash cam front and rear lens launched not only can shot the front of the car but also record the rear of the car. When happening a traffic accident in the front of the car, it can record the video that is a powerful evidence to prove whether that is your responsibility. Keep reading to find out which rank among the best front and rear dash cams 2019!

1.Best front and rear dash cam with night vision

The AZDOME PG01 mirror dash cam employs a high-quality rearview mirror's high transmittance material that blends with the car. With 5.5 inch touchscreen mirror, you can much easier to navigate and set the multi-function men, you can check the traffic situation and take control. And with the high transparency blue-white mirror, you can get achromatic vision whether day or night, this feature greatly increases night driving safety in some situation.

The dual dash cam simultaneous recording in Full HD 1080P for front view video recording and 720P waterproof rear cam, 150° wide angle lens for front camera and 120° for rear view camera, providing excellent coverage and ensuring you get the very best footage possible all day and night.

PG01 rear view mirror dash cam with star-light sensor, you can see the license plate number, it's a nessary for Uber Lyft and fathers; Equipped with a waterproof rear camera, provide a rear view that is activated when the reverse gear is engaged. Will show the parking guide line, it can guide drivers to secure parking areas.

best front and rear dash cam with night vision

2.Best dual dash cam GS65H

Some dual-lens dash cam with night vision use cable to connect the rear lens to reach a recording. Today, we mention the most innovative and the best GS65H front and rear dash cam in 2017, which dual-lens is two lens in one machine.

The most difference between GS65H and other dual-lens dash cam is the design of the lens, which can provide the whole scene recording because of the wide angle of the front 150°and the rear 130°. And when you adjust single lens model, it has 1920*1080P/30fps, while you dual-lens model, it is 1440*1080i and 720P.

GS65H is also a powerful dash cam. Besides motion detection, parking monitoring and G-sensor, it has a unique function, such as IR light, front and rear recording, WDR, etc.

GS65H is a front and rear dual lens dash cam with parking mode, compared with other single-lens dash cams, power consumption is relatively high. So AZDOME has a lot of cooling holes around the front camera of the GS65H body and on both sides of the fuselage. These heat dissipation holes effectively transmit the heat inside the fuselage to the outside, thereby releasing the heat generated by excessive power consumption to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Further to avoid the dash cam long-time operation of the heat caused by the phenomenon of the crash.

We all know that the most important is whether the dash cam is HD recording because the video is your powerful evidence. GS65H is equipped with novatek96655 chip and sony imx323 sensor, which give the guarantee to GS65H to record HD video.

Of course, only using chip and sensor can fully present whether a dash cam has the ability to record HD video. The quality of the lens is also important. GS65H adopt six-layer glass lens and IR lens, which bring a good light transmittance and even appearing versicolor also will be filtered by IR lens to restore the scene. In addition, the front lens of GS65H is F1.8, which further to ensure the quality of the image.

The below picture shows the appearance of the GS65H.

front and rear dash cam with night vision

GS65H dash cam front picture

front and rear dash cam with night vision

GS65H dash cam details dicture

front and rear dash cam with night vision

GS65H dash cam details picture

front and rear dash cam with night vision

GS65H dash cam side view

front and rear dash cam with night vision

GS65H dash cam side view

From the video below, we can see that GS65H is a powerful dash cam. There are four IR light around the rear lens, which can improve the night light to protect your safety. In addition, it has 2.4 inches TN screen.

Do you prefer to this dual lens dash cam? At present, it sales on Amazon for $95.99, so it is higher cost effective. If you want to buy a best dual lens dash cam, GS65H is your best choice.

dash cam for uber

3.Best front and rear dash cam with parking mode

hs790b front and rear dash cam with parking mode

HS790B equipped with novatek 96663 chip, the process speed is very fast, as well as the power consumption and heat dissipation is low. It is surprised that it also supports wifi/4G, Android operation system, double screen display. Switch different light in daytime and nighttime.

The HS790B equipped with 6 layers all-glass lens, F1.8, 150 °wide angle, both front and rear recording, 1080P/ 30fps front camera and reversing image. HS790B streaming rear-view mirror can also support ADAS. Lane deviation and early warning remind us to drive safely when we travel.

Beyond these, HS790B is equipped with all kind of sensor, such as, acceleration sensors, gyroscopes, geomagnetic sensors, light and gesture sensors, can achieve collision locking, movement detection, and automatic screen functions. As well as it is very convenient to install because of the bandage design.

Without any operation, HS790B can automatically take a photo when you see some beautiful scenery. Just think, when you drive your car high highway, it is not convenient to park your car, only a word, it can guarantee the driving safety and record some special scenery.

You can use it to protect yourself from reckless drivers, or as an extra pair of eyes when you’re taking a long road trip.

4.Best front and rear car camera recorder Z-EDGE

Z-EDGE front and rear car camera recorder

This is the 4.1 inch dash cam that captures video both on the front and rear. High-end NTK96663 Chipset + OV4689 sensor 6G lens front; Sony IMX323 image sensor allow for low power consumption, high definition video compression and smooth image processing.Guarantees superior low light compensation for both rear and front, deliver superior video quality you need whilst driving at night, high sensitivity image sensor to guarantee excellent night vision.

The lens for the front camera captures video in 1440p ultra HD while the rear one records in 1080p full HD. With such high specs, this dash cam comes in as the most expensive in our review list. The Sony sensor guarantees first class night vision and expanded view of 150 degrees. The cam comes to life upon vehicle ignition. Those with a love for wider display are provided with a 4-inch crystal clear LCD screen. This cam supports micro SD cards up to 32GB (up to 12 hours of recording) and has a reliable battery that lasts up to 30 minutes on a single charge.

Now, you can visit the amazon.com to buy it, where you can check out the rating and review of this best front and rear dash cam. And trust me guys, if you are looking for the best front and rear dash cam for your car, then it can be the ideal one for you. Because it has the ability to protect you in a proper manner.

5.Pruveeo MX2 dual lens dash cam

MX2 dual lens dash cam

Here is an affordable set of the best front and rear dash cams that provide an amazing picture quality and it is also easy to setup and use. It comes with dual cameras for the front and back which are adjustable to make it possible for the driver to adjust the angle that he wants to capture. Also, the lens can rotate up to an impressive 320 degrees and the high resolutions lens also provide a 120-degree viewing angle. The discreet design makes it possible to mount the dash cam on the windscreen without causing any obstruction and it will also not be visible from outside. And many users will also love that it is an automatic dash come that will start working immediately you turn on the engine.

Two Cameras Design
Using two special cameras on one device design, the driver can adjust any angle as he wants. Record the excitements inside and outside the car at the same time.

320-Degree Lens Rotation
320-degree rotating 120-degree viewing angle high-resolution wide-angle lens.Left & Right cameras, Up & Down, Left & Right up to 320-degree rotation.

Now, visit you can go for this best front and rear dash cam without any if or but, and trust me guys you will be never disappointed with the performance of Pruveeo MX2.

6.AUTO-VOX M3 front and rear dash cam

M3 front and rear dash 


This dash cam will record every video at full HD 1080P resolution, so, it is capable enough to give you the clearer videos every time, just you have to focus on your drive.To give you the perfect videos, the rear dash cam has, 6 full glass front camera with 170°ultra-wide angle + IP67 waterproof 140°rearview camera, which presents 4 lanes ahead + oncoming vehicles from behind.

M3 with IPS 5” Screen is able to display picture with Four Modes, including full view of front, full view of rear, front and rear view, rear and front view.M3 comes with all features a regular dash cam has such as WDR, G-sensor, Park Monitor, and Loop Recording. M3 Provides you with sharp images at night thanks to theSony sensor, WDR function and 6 Led lights on the backup camera.

This rear dash cam can offer you the latest technology and excellent features, so you can expect a decent performance from this dash cam.

What's the best front and rear dash cam?

Video Quality

The quality of the video that you get is probably the most important factors to consider when buying these cams as it is one of the main reasons why you decide to get them. And the simple rule here is always to go for dash cams that provide the best video resolution that you can afford. A good camera should capture at least high definition videos and so you should not mind spending a few extra bucks to get a better quality dash cam.

Price Of The Product

Doesn’t matter we are buying a dashboard camera or anything else, price matters a lot. Because, we all know very well, that in nowadays earning is one of the toughest tasks. So, while buying something we have to try to save our money.

Some people think that to get the best quality we always need to pay more. But, according to me, to get the best quality we need to do a perfect research. So, at least choose 2-3 products that come in your budget, and then compare the price and other things of those products, then choose the best one. By this, you can save your money and you will get the perfect product for sure.

Power Options

Does the camera use a rechargeable battery or does it connect to the vehicles cigarette port? When buying dash cams this will be an important question to answer because the power source determines the convenience and performance of your dash cams. If you go for ones with rechargeable batteries you should make sure that the battery has s long life or at least last through your entire journey. And if the ones that connect to your cigarette port impress you most you should make sure that they do not bog down y our vehicle.

The Brand Name

Very, first let me know you, that I am not a fan of big names, and I always prefer the quality first. But, if the point is security, then there must be excellent technology.

So, if we are buying a best front and rear dash cam 2019, then we should go for the trusted one.Because, a branded product can charge a little bit higher than the cheap product, but you will get the genuine features and excellent technology.

Night Vision

Since you will drive both day and night you need to make sure that the cameras that you buy make it possible to take some quality video at night. Night vision capabilities are an essential feature that you should not overlook if you want to get the best service from your dash cams. And those that have an infrared vision will be the best option for this.


If a front and rear dash cam have the G-sensor then we can say it is one of the best dash cams. Because G-Sensor can be a very helpful sensor for you.

If a moving object came to the range of your dash cam then just because of the G-Sensor the camera will capture that view automatically, because G-Sensor detects the motion very perfectly to create perfectly balanced images and footages.And, it is the most useful feature for the evidence purpose also. Because it detects every accidental activity and saves the currently recorded file for the evidence and low purpose.

So, G-Sensor is one of the best features that you should check out properly while buying a dash cam front and rear for your car.

Conclusion About These Best Front And Rear Dash Cam

So these are some of the most important things that you should consider before buying the best dash cam for your car. It depends on you that what you need for a dual dash cam or front dash cam, but according to me, these are the main things that we have check out properly.

Front and rear dash cams will be a great addition to your vehicle as they not only make every ride safer but also more fun. The dash comes on our reviews above provide some idea on what you need to buy and regardless of what you choose between them, you can be sure of getting an outstanding service and amazing experience. Also, they are all within a reasonable budget, and so they will not cause any significant dent in your finances. And if you are finding it hard to pick among them our buying guide will be handy.

And one more thing, that every single information that you read here in this article is true and based on a personal experience. So, you don’t need to be the worry about any of these reviewed products.