The 7 Best Portable Car Jump Starter


The portable car jump starter is a multifunctional portable mobile power developed by car drivers, car lovers, and business people. Its characteristic function is to start the car when the car is unable to start the car, and it is one of the necessary products for the outdoor trip by combining the inflatable pump with the car jump starter and outdoor lighting.

The design concept of the car jump starter is easy to operate, easy to carry, and can cope with all kinds of emergency situations. At present, there are mainly two kinds of emergency starting power sources on the market, one is a lead-acid battery, the other is lithium polymer.

The car jump starter of a lead-acid battery is more traditional, and the maintenance free type lead-acid battery is used. The quality and volume of the battery are large, and the corresponding battery capacity and starting current will be larger. This kind of product is usually equipped with an inflatable pump, at the same time, it has the functions of overflow, overload, overcharge and counter protection. It can charge all kinds of electronic products, and some products also have functions as inverters. Today, we will list the 7 best portable car jump starter.

1.NOCO Genius 1000 Amp Lithium Jump Starter

NOCO car jump starter

The noco GB40 is a portable Lithium jump starter, with a capacity of 1000Amps, up to 20 jump starts, providing sufficient voltage to restart the gas and diesel vehicles, trucks, ships, commercial vehicles and other heavy equipment. When your car is out of fire, do not worry at all. You can start at once.

The design of its battery clip is intelligent, effectively preventing careless car owners from connecting the positive and negative poles, and protecting the vehicle as much as possible. the biggest feature is An ultra-bright 100 lumen LED flashlight with 7 light modes, including SOS and Emergency Strobe. Battery Types-12 Volt Lead-Acid Batteries. Internal Battery-24 Watt-Hour Lithium-Ion.

Many users choose it because of light weight and security, because this car jump starter is the biggest feature of anti connection. If you are a very careless person, then this is your best choice.

2.Azdome XT01 Portable Car Jump Starter

azdome xt01 car jump starter

Unlike the traditional bulky car jump starter, Azdome Publish a portable car jump starter, with a capacity of 18000mAh, only a mobile phone size, easy to put into the bag when going out and easy to carry. Using high rate battery, the maximum discharge current can reach 800A and 18000mAh capacity.

With the design of the battery clip, it is easy to use and can be used by new cars. Not only can it be used as a starting power, but also as a charging treasure, it can charge the phone. Two USB interfaces, one supporting 5V/2.1A output, and the other USB supporting quick charger 5v/9v output. With flashlight function, it can be used for many functions such as life or outdoor lighting, and can also act as emergency signal lights for emergency use. Adopt ABS fireproof material, power supply has multiple safety protection, and use is guaranteed.

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3.Beatit BT-D11 Portable Car Jump Starter

Beatit BT-D11 car jump starter

Beatit BT-D11 is very compact and can be stored in your glove box. It is very convenient to carry. 5.5 hours full of 18000mAh, with two USB interfaces, iPhone7 can be charged 9 times, S7 edge charge 5 smartphones, iPad mini4 charge 3.5 times, to the car jump start >35 times. Intelligent multi-protection system ensures total protection for you and your vehicle.

Users who bought and used Beati BR-D11 on Amazon believe that the price of this car jump starter is very affordable, and the car jump starter has a LCD display to show the power situation. For those who like camping, its LED lights will help you a lot.

4.Rugged Geek RG1000 Portable Car Jump Starter

Booster RG1000 car jump starter

The new Intel Booster RG1000 Security Emergency Bounce starter and portable power supply from rugged freaks will promote most vehicles with a gas engine size of up to 7.0L and a diesel engine size up to 3.5L.

A powerful 3WH battery can increase the average vehicle over 20 times times a charge. The rugged circle-hopping starter is the only market feature of the special benefits booster technology. This technique initiates the risk and fear of beating by ensuring that the risk of flow only occurs in a safe situation. Don't try to give a flag to a stranger, or spend hundreds of dollars and a few hours waiting for a trailer. With rugged geek RG1000, you can raise your own vehicle and in a few seconds in your way.

5.DBPOWER Portable Car Jump Starter

DBPOWER Portable Car Jump Starter

The portable car jump starter is manufactured for a 6.5L gas or 5.2L diesel engine and can be charged at a charge of up to 20 times, with a peak of 600 amperes.

Like the other portable car jump starter on the list, it comes with a smart charging port with 18000 MA capacity, including a 8-inch laptop adapter unit, so you can charge for a variety of electronic devices. Unlike some portable chargers, Dbpower contains an LCD screen with a digital compass to display the remaining power. The cable clamps for the portable jump charger are also suitable for new arrivals, providing overcurrent, short-circuit, overload, Overvoltage and overcharge protection. In short, it's a lightweight takeoff with a sense of security and style.

6.STANLEY J5C09 Heavy Duty Jump Starter for Truck

STANLEY J5C09 car jump starter

It is a heavy duty jump starter for truck on the list, weighing 18 pounds, measuring 11.2x8x13.5 inches. It offers 500 instant-boot amps, with a peak of 1000, so it's good for light cars and midsize cars and trucks.

If you drive something heavier, this is a portable bounce starter for you. The versatile portable starter also includes a 120 lb/inch air compressor so you can fill the inflatable tires. It comes with a USB port, so you can charge for your mobile device. If you happen to be in the dark, a portable bounce starter includes an ultra bright 270-degree led rotation light so you can glow where you need it. In addition, if you have an incorrect connection with your car, j5c09 has an inverse polarity alert to remind you.

Most users who have used it are fond of its quick ease of use and versatility to solve any car emergency. Many of the portable starter owners think this is a lifeguard. But some users mention the downside: air compressors may be a bit stronger.

7.Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR with Air Compressor

belkin car charger

This is a jump-type N manned jump starter card. Absolutely reliable power supply. Jncair is no exception. Its curror pror battery is specially developed to perform jump-start applications and is designed to provide excellent starting power, extended start time, large jumps and long service life for each charge.

Jncair includes many functions to make jumping start more efficient and convenient. Its 68-inch cable arrives to enable it to reach all shapes and sizes on the vehicle's starting point. Added a complete, industrial-grade air conveyor system with a 12-foot winding air hose and built-in gauges.

Most users marvel at its professional design and interface, as well as its reliability. Unfortunately, it is one of the heaviest portable jumpers, weighing 25 pounds and measuring 16x13.5x15 inches. However, it has a 30-day warranty period.

How to USE Portable Car Jump Starter ?

1.Before using the car jump starter ,please make sure the capacity indicator light is not less than 2.

2.connect the positive and the negative polarties of the battery clamps to positive ont and the negative one of the battery respectively. Red clamp connects to “+”,black clamp connects to”-”.

3.Insert the plug of battery clamps into the jumping port of the car jump starter.

4. Having finished the connection,you can start your car.After the engine starts,disconnect the plug of battery clamp from the jump starter and clamps from the car battery.

how to use portable car jump starter

How to Choose the Car Jump Starter ?

There are many car jump starter in the market. How should consumers choose to buy them? Brand, function and capacity are all important factors.

1.Look at the security, look at the international certification.

The car jump starter is a tool accompanying the whole life process of the car, and the internal environment of the car sometimes is very bad, such as extreme high temperature and low temperature, wet or dry. This is a very high requirement for the manufacturing level of the car jump starter. Not up to the standard. In addition, when shopping online, we need to see clearly whether the product has passed international certification.

Reliable products are required to be certified by FCC, EU CE, RoHS and other authoritative agencies. And there are protection against overpressure, over temperature, over current and so on.

2. See the capacity, look at the function.

The capacity of a car jump starter determines the number of times it can start. It is not enough to do a good job of starting the car. If it can provide other practical functions, it can be saved when the cell phone and camera are not electric, the night is for lighting, and the remote places can also be SOS for help.

If it is a professional rescue company, the general choice of 24V high-power car emergency start power, or 12V ten thousand MS above capacity; if it is a personal, the choice of more than six thousand ms of 12V power can.

3.Look at the brand, look after the after sale

The touch of electric current at the critical moment is often a turning point for success. This has become the reason why many manufacturers have entered the field in succession. The history of car jump starter has been popular all over the world in just a few years. However, a new problem has come. Because the manufacturer is numerous, the brand is complex, how should choose, do not understand the market little white can choose the star endorsement brand, after all, please get the star, the strength is generally not bad. Of course, the intimate after-sales service is also needed.