The 5 Best Qi Charging Pad for iPhone x & iPhone 8


The Phone wireless charging technology has been in existence for many years: NOKIA is the first company to use this charging mode, Samsung also has many years of charging, and many other mobile phone manufacturers have also adopted wireless charging mode.

And what about the apple? It only uses iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X with new glass backing to support wireless charging. However, we know that once Apple has adopted a new function, it will strongly promote the progress of related ecosystems.

Although wireless charging has been in existence for many years, it has not become the mainstream. Apple's new iPhone supports wireless charging, and it is estimated that this trend will change. Most importantly, Apple is using the Qi standard.

The Qi standard is the most open standard supported by most chargers. So if you have a wireless charger, it will be able to work with the new iPhone. In view of this, let's look at the most suitable wireless charger for iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Of course, these wireless chargers can also support the recharging of other mobile phones.

Mophie Qi Charging Pad

mophie qi charging pad

The mini ice hockey Mophie wireless charger is a wireless charger that does not take too much space. It is also one of the two wireless chargers that Apple has launched and sold at the apple store. It has a slippery surface and is equipped with a wall - fitting plug and a 5 - foot cable. The charger supports up to 7.5 watts of compatible equipment (it doesn't seem to be too fast).

Belkin Boost Up Qi Charging Pad

belkin boost up qi charging pad

The second apple approved wireless chargers are Belkin Boost Up. It has a similar circular plan, equipped with LED lights. When the cell phone charges, it will notify you that there are two rubber rings at the same time to prevent slipping of the phone and provide a similar 7.5-watt power.

Apple AirPower Wireless Charging Pad

Apple airPower wireless charging pad

Apple's AirPower must be the most advanced wireless charger pad. Although it is based on the Qi standard, but the Apple Corp will provide their own custom DNA to it, and also allows three devices to charge, so that you can be iPhone, AirPod (wireless charging new) and Apple Watch easily placed together in a charging up, apple provides AirPower charger photos, but in the details but not too much. We don't know the price -- but we estimate that its price will be more expensive than most of the chargers, and we know that Apple plans to push it to the market by 2019.

Samsung Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Samsung qi wireless charging pad

Samsung's fast convertible wireless charger - it's a bit ironic that it's one of the best wireless chargers of the new iPhone. It looks very luxurious and fashionable: it is made of leather and can be made up by rotating the base. It also has a LED indicator to show whether the device is recharging properly.

Compatible with all mobile phones that support Qi standards, including the Samsung Galaxy S8, and Galaxy Note8, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus, and iPhone X.

Azdome Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Azdome qi wireless charging pad

Azdome wireless phone charger pad design is light and thin, it's a very good charger pad. Its performance is also very perfect. When your cell phone is charged, its indicator lights up, suggesting that you are charging the cell phone. it looks amazing, and its appearance is the same as the iPhone X.

If you're looking for a small, lightweight charging pad, this wireless charger is perfect. it charges perfectly, and it has no problems with placement of your phone on it. And the led light ring is very subtle, does not bother me on my nightstand.

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What do you need to care about to choose a Qi wireless charger?

Qi standard: Although most of the mobile phone charging seats/charging boards are mainly based on Qi standard, there are still different wireless charging schemes, so you don't plan to waste money. You must recognize the Qi standard when buying.

7.5W charging power: the maximum power of iPhone X and iPhone 8 is 7.5W, and a wireless charging seat with a rated power of 7.5W should be the best choice. However, the latest Qi 1.2 standard has already supported 15W's fast charging function (refer to Samsung S8 and Samsung Note 8). Considering that the power of mobile phone chip will manage the charging power, the purchase of a more powerful wireless charging base is also a preparation for the future.

Size and appearance: the wireless charger on the market is different in style and size. Some of them also support specific charging angles. You can choose according to your preferences.

Brand: similar to the ordinary charging head, after all, the wireless charger will charge for the new iPhone that you have bought thousands of times. You must consider whether the wireless charger will affect your battery life.

The last thing to say is that the 5 best qi charging pad very good, and you can choose one of the most suitable wireless charges according to their own budget and preferences.