The 7 Best USB C Cables 2019

With the development of electronic devices such as smartphones and laptops, USB Type-C is taking the MicroUSB charging port place, due to the USB-C port and the USB 3.1 standard do have many advantages. For example, USB-C cables are reversible, charge your devices faster, and transfer data more quickly. So march of the USB-C type cable is most definitely on.

Although the USB Type-C cable appearance looks the same, but different brand USB cables charging efficiency and data transmission speed are not all the same, because of the design, manufacturing process and the use of materials are different. So your best bet is to stick with cables from known brand names, such as google usb c cable and usb c cable apple. Whether you need a long usb c cable, a short usb c cable, a cheap one, one that has USB-C on both ends, or one that has USB to usb cable male to male, We're list 7 best USB C cables here.

1.Anker PowerLine USB-C to USB 3.0 Cable

Anker PowerLine USB-C to USB 3.0 Cable

Using this USB C cable, you can easily connect to a device with a USB type C interface. It can charges usb-c devices at. The speed of transmission data is up to 5 Gbps. It is equipped with a tidy portage bag.The USB type C cable compatible with all usb-c phones tablets tablets usb-c.

The technological bridge from the present to the future. Connect future-ready usb –c device to any computer or charger with usb ports.

2.AZDOME USB Type-C Cable


AZDOME usb c cable resistor ensures the maximum electricity, current for safety and reliability, prenvents any damage to your usb devices.the usb type-c cable power charging +40% up to 3.0A, speed transfer 800% up to sync data 5Gps. But the fast charger also request your phone and charger adapter support fast charging, also support 2.0 device.

Premium nylon braided exterior with pure copper wires inside and laser-welded aluminum putted on connectors for maximum reliability and durability.Up to 15,000+ bend and 10,000+ plugging and unplugging lifespan. It Nylon Braided USB type c cable, It's very strong.

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3.Google USB C Cable

google usb c cable

Google offers an effortless cable than some of the other expensive lists. It has a reinforced, conical neck rubber stopper. It can provide 60W on 3 A, so fast charging will not be a problem.

The data synchronization speed is USB 2, so you will reach the Mbps. This particular product is a ub-c to ub-c cable, but the same price will provide you with a USB USB to USB cable. Charging speed will depend on your device and charger, but it supports USB 3.1 data transfer up to a Gbps.

The embarrassing thing is that although the USB-C to 3.5mm audio transfer line at Google's online store sells for up to $20, its competitor Apple's Lighting to 3.5mm audio transfer line is only $9. In addition, it can only be bought on Google Store.

4.Belkin USB-A to USB-C Charge Cable

usb c charger cable

The Belkin 2 ub-c to the USB-charging cable is a very standard, bare cable. The cable is very thin and feels very soft.

The cable has a good stress reduction, where the cable encounters the connector, and I very much hope that the cable will not wear fast. As for the power supply, I cannot find any wall charger rated 3A with a USB connector. All my 2.1-2.4a connectors, using an AMP application, I can see I pull 1500-1800 ma at a time.

This is consistent with the readings I get from my current cable TV, one that is recommended by Benson Leung, USB C-type cable (5FT), and Tigmatte USB 3 C-type cable. If you have a ub-c enabling device (check the product guide with your laptop or hard drive or other device), to see if it is not, though if it was manufactured in the last year, it is almost certain that it is a great rope that will provide very fast transfer or charging speed. For most devices, this should be a basic connector configuration, at least for most windows and Google devices. It may look cheaper than the cable, but it is enabled for the UB-C protocol, it allows speed to reach Mbps download speed, which is very fast.

If you want to charge a tablet or wireless headset or laptop or PS4 controller, or if it's cheaper than anything else, it's going to be a third faster than the price of a wire.

5.Best USB-C Cable Fast Charging

best usb cable for charging

The cable looks very durable and of good quality.It's worth it.It works well enough to reach an inaccessible power outlet for most of the outer cable/power cables for a long time.

It even has a little strap for something to keep the cable clean when not used. The only problem is that the cable is too long, and for most bags/zipper lock plastic, the default folding is still too long. So you need to fold it up, but the belt couldn't fit us anymore. But beyond that. This is a great product.

6.iOrange USB C to USB A cable

iOrange USB C to USB A cable

The iOrange USB type-c to type-a cable is amazing. The quality of the USB C cable is very good (it's a sideline, like one from Google), and the aluminum casing and aluminum are well woven, weaving features that make the cable so rugged. Technically, the cable complies with the USB Type C Specification version 1.1, which means it correctly identifies the C-type device, which is a traditional USB cable that uses 56K "pull to Vbus".

For recharging, this means that it supports the BC 1.2 charging speed, reaching 2.4A maximum current at 5V.

It has the advantage of the C-type and a-type side of the strong connection, meet the specifications (will not damage your phone or charger); The length of the cable (which can be used on the bed without fear of pulling the charger out of the wall, or for family road travel, with a limited number of ports in the car so that you can recharge your phone from the back seat) ; Durability (nylon allows maximum flexibility without having to worry about cable wear).

7.Best USB C to USB C Cable

usb c to usb c cable

It is super nice cable and offers extra lengths to make it easier to avoid carrying long and bulky 1V cables. This is a long time to plug directly into the wall and in almost any case can get power.

The cable is a little stiff, but not too much, not sure if it's plus or minus, because it makes it a little smaller, but it looks very durable. Very long time when you need to use your device, when it is plugged in, even in bed or in the hands of a child without having to worry about accidentally pulling out the cable. The color is lovely, but if you have a messy child, or you like to pour coffee like me, you'd better use black. So far, the surface has been wiped clean for me, but it may look a little clumsy in the end.

What is USB Type C Cable?

The USB-C cable is the latest charging cable on the block and has been billed to eventually become the main man when it comes to charging, transferring and connecting all your devices. It first appeared back in 2014 and has since knocked standard charging cables out of the park when it comes to speed, power, and size.

Are USB C Cables All the Same?

Although the USB Type-C cable appearance looks the same, but different brand USB cables charging efficiency and data transmission speed are not all the same, because of the design, manufacturing process and the use of materials are different.

Does USB Type C Charge Faster?

Despite the usb type c cable diminutive size, the USB-C type cable is capable of supporting faster charging times as long as your device or charger is compatible. All USB cables work within a defined charging standard, rather impressively known as the USB Power Delivery specification.

Compared with USB 2.0, the USB 3.1 type C can take advantage of the 100W maximum output of the Power Delivery system when it needs to. That means the USB C cable can work to its optimum as well as the device’s safety limits, whether it is charging a smartphone or a large, powerful laptop.

The Advantages of Usb Type-C

The charging interface has been developed more and more conveniently and quickly through the development of various generations. At present, besides the commonly used micro USB interface, the Type-C interface is rising rapidly. Then, what convenience will the Type-C interface bring?

First, we need to clear the origin of the Type-C interface, the first appeared in the 2015 CES exhibition, the Intel USB implementer forum to show the public the power of USB 3.1, the concrete collocation interface is USB Type C, can be casually inserted, the size and the difference with Micro-USB. As a matter of fact, Type-C is another connection interface of the USB interface, with a size of about 8.3mm x 2.5mm, which can support the functions of the USB standard, such as charging, data transmission, display and output.

Secondly, the advantage of the Type-C interface is that the Type-C interface can support the positive and negative inserts, as long as it goes in, the micro USB interface is fixed in the access direction, and only one side of the contact panel restricts its extraction direction, and the most obvious point is in MI for a long time with the same side. RCO USB Street connection is very easy to appear after the phenomenon of damage, and Type-C interface to effectively avoid such embarrassment.

The other is shown on the transmission of data, after all, the conventional charging USB interface is currently most of the USB2.0 standard. It belongs to the previous generation of technology. It is bound to have a certain limit on the transmission speed and the theoretical transmission speed is 60MB/s, and the actual transmission speed can only reach only half of the theoretical value, that is, 30MB/s. However, the speed of transmission of Type-C interface is 10Gbps, which occupies an absolute advantage in copying and copying files.

How to Choose The Best USB C Cable?

With the popularity of type-C, more and more mobile phone manufacturers in the market have begun to apply the type-C interface. Because of the different type of interface, we can not use the apple data cable or the Android data cable to charge and transmit data with the Android data cable, only using the type-C charging data. Line. Apple and Android data cable need their own skills. So how should we choose the best usb type-C cable? The main look at three points:

The two sides can be inserted without positive and negative

Generally speaking, the most direct difference between the charging data cable and other data cable is that it can be divided into two parts, namely, positive and negative. This is not only to increase the consumer's sense of body, to reduce the time of inserting data cable, but also to improve the life and safety of data cable. It also shows that the wear between the plug and the plug hole will not cause the friction between the plug and the plug, and reduces the fit between the plug and the plug hole. On the contrary, it can better avoid the problem of the bad contact between the plug and the plug and the instability of the charging speed.

Of course, the data cable of Android and apple have also launched double-sided pluggable data cable on the market, so this point can not directly distinguish data cable.

Fast charging speed

Because the frequency of the use of electronic equipment is relatively high, now we choose the mobile electronic equipment will give priority to the battery capacity, fast charging equipment. Type-C charges much faster than the traditional USB interface, so that it is popular.

In fact, the factors that affect charging speed mainly include the allowed current of data cable and the current limit supported by wall charging. The advantage of the Type-C interface is that the electrical current it supports is higher, that is, more current passing through the Type-C at the same time, thus speeding up the charging speed of the device. At present, the charging current of most Type-C data cable is generally 2A. If the 3A charging rate is to be achieved, the high current wall charging that matches it is required. That is to say, if the wall is only supported by 1A, whether it is using 2A or 3A data cable to charge, it is fundamentally different; if the wall is supported by the current 2A, and the 2A/3A Type-C data cable, the effect can be significantly changed.

Bi-directional charging function

Type-C bi-directional charging means that the mobile power can be recharged by the Type-C cable to the equipment that carries the Type-C interface. It is very convenient for the mobile office people. There is a way to solve the charge when you go out to office. It doesn't have to carry the charge line with you, it can be filled with the wall and the Type-C cable. The source will charge the device with Type-C interface. When you choose the Type-C charging data cable, the main thing is to pay attention to the current limit. The 1A charge data line does not have fast charging performance. So, not to consider, 2A is now using the more common Type-C charging data cable, 3A is now better, so you want to have a fast charge effect, want to charge five minutes call two Hours, you have to choose the usb type-c fast charger cable with 3A current.