The Best USB C Hubs 2019

If you use a laptop like MacBook Pro, there is just a single port. Then you definitely need a usb c hub with multiport, like the usb c hub hdmi support the 4k HDMI, that you can connect your computer to the 4K display device, the USB-C to usb-c hub have PD charging can charging for the laptops, and the usb c hub ethernet, etc.

It is difficult for a lot of people to accept only USB Type-C terminals on the new generation of MacBook Pro, but the new generation of MacBook Pro's excellent overall design and features still have to accept Apple radical practice, which leads the USB C hub related transfer equipment to be hot.

Everyone who believes in buying a Type C adapter knows that the biggest problem of this kind of product is overheating, and many of the products on the market have set many different conversions in 1 adapters, often causing 1 of them to overheat, so that the entire adapter is not working properly. So today we recommend some best usb c hub to buy 2019.

Aukey best usb c hub macbook

aukey usb c hub

As a daily life and office, in fact, it does not need to connect too many interfaces, in order to be simple and convenient, then the aukey USB Type C HUB has 4 extended interfaces to meet the daily needs of Macbook. For friends who are not used to touch manipulation, a mouse and keyboard need to be connected to the computer, and the need for data transmission and transfer is considered, and 1-2 interfaces are also prepared for the U disk or the mobile hard disk for a rainy day. If there are no other special needs, these interfaces are enough.

In the process of using computers at ordinary times, sometimes a large capacity mobile hard disk is needed, which may encounter insufficient power and incapable of normal use. At this time, we only need to connect a data line to the Micro USB interface of aukey Type C HUB, so that it can easily supply power and solve the problem of power shortage.


jf32 usb c hub

This time we will introduce the latest CH-JF32 USB C Hub, Azdome, which is a product that can charge and transmit data at the same time. Azdome Type-C USB Hub uses USB3.1 Gen1 fast transmission technology. In the theoretical state, it takes only 4 seconds to read a 2G file. One second can transmit 100 5MB music, and a 2G 720P has a clear film. It can be transmitted about 4 seconds.

In addition, Azdome Type-C interface, double-sided available, to solve the "USB forever inaccurate" world-class problem, the size is only the existing previous interface of 1/3, seamless integration of seamless technology, to ensure the rapid transmission, and effectively protect the integrity of data transmission, stability.

The interface section provides a USB C port with an input for power supply; in addition, there are three data transmission interfaces that support the USB 3 rate, and the USB core is all standard blue and can work together with three high-speed USB devices simultaneously.

Azdome USB C hub control is very good, but the charge is basically lower than the temperature of the computer, if the long time transmission of data, it will start to heat, but not higher than the computer's own temperature.

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Best USB C Hub HDMI JF68

usb c hub hdmi

The JF68 usb c to mini DP/HDMI/VGA,enrich your visual experitence with bigger screen mirror or expand your laptops to your smart TV,monitor or projector. Heat dissipation holes,frosted aluminum alloy shell,further step for heat disspation.coordinated with macbook,elegant and pratical. The multiple with RJ45 gigabit ethernet,obtain stable connection,more fluent usb c female power delivery 87W power pass through and maximum power up to 20V/4.35A.

Hyper USB C Hub

Hyper USB C Hub

The size of the Hyper USB C hub is rather small, although it may not be felt, it is roughly the length of the adult index finger and the thumb of the L angle, very light, and the official weight is not labeled, but the portability is absolutely first-class.

The whole Hyper usb hub uses the material of aluminum alloy, the same is the texture of the abrasive, but the delicate feeling is slightly inferior to Mac, the color is gray and silver (just with the two colors of MacBook Pro), but my grey Hyper usb hub has a color difference between the computer and the computer, the saturation is slightly higher, the gloss is slightly lower, the low light environment is better, and the color difference is even more in the high light environment. It's obvious.

Hyper USB C Hub

The interface is here, 2 x USB3.1, SD card and Mirco SD card slot, USB C USB3.1 speed interface for data transmission, and a Thunderbolt 3 full speed port that supports 50GB/s, the HDMI interface. Yes, there's a white light.

The design of Hyper USB C hub integration is very consistent with the MacBook Pro minimalist style, which is much better than Apple's official White Dock. Second, the Type-C interface is not designed to make the fuselage more compact and convenient, but Apple officials do not give a very complete solution, such as the needs of the SD card that I have, then I have to buy other accessories and take it very inconvenient; Hyper usb hub provides all my needs, charging, display, USB-A interface, SD/ TF card. The grooves are complete.

Shortcomings are the same, Hyper USB C hub needs two Thunderbolt 3 interfaces, which is better for MacBook Pro with four interfaces, but if you are only entry-level MacBook Pro, the two interfaces are all used to mean that Hyper Drive does not allow you to have other external requirements.

What's the best usb hubs to buy?

When choosing USB Hub, we need to pay attention to many details and choose the most suitable products according to actual needs. Here, we share some of the wise remark of an experienced person to buy:

1. Attention to USB interface spacing: considering a lot of flicker "fat body fat", if the USB interface on the Hub is too close, it is very easy to emerge the phenomenon of fighting between the equipment. In general, 18mm or larger spacing can be used.

2. Choose Hub form according to needs. Now USB Hub has already asked for the traditional "long stick" form and has gradually derived many styles. And we can choose the best Hub to experience according to our PC and needs.

3. If your ultra-thin notebook not only has fewer USB interfaces but also has no RJ45 network port, then it can purchase USB Hub with its own RJ45 interface. Because these Hub need to borrow 1 USB bridging Ethernet, they all adopt 3 USB + one interface structure.

4. If your ultra-thin book doesn't have a card reader, you can buy Hub with multiple card reader. Similarly, this kind of product will lose a USB because of reader function, so the structure form is also more than 3 (USB) + 1 (reader module) structure.

I hope that after reading this article, you can solve the worries of choosing Hub products. Select the best usb c hub.