The 10 Best USB Car Chargers

There are lots of usb car chargers in the market, be different brands, different prices and quality. The poor quality car charger has hidden dangers or even damage your phone. How should we choose usb car charger? Are car chargers bad for cell phones? What's the fastest car charger? Which usb car charger can be compatible with iPhone and other mobile phones?

You know,most of the USB port in the car are prepared for the transmission of audio data, and the current is only about 500mA. When you use the mobile phone, the charge is not enough to consume the amount of electricity you consume. Taking the iPhone 6plus of the battery capacity of 2915mAh as an example, 1A current charging can only be filled in more than 2 hours, and the time of using USB port in the vehicle is doubled. So a USB car charger with 1A or larger output current is the best choice. This article will introduce you to 10 best USB car chargers.

1.Anker Car Charger PowerDrive Speed 2

anker car charger

The output power of the double port is 39W. At the same time, the USB device with high power consumption is charged at full speed.

The ultra-compact design keeps the car at a low profile when used. The soft LED light can make you easily find the charging port in the evening. Anti-slip carbon fiber mesh clip ensures that car charging can be easily dismantled and positioned.

The unique multiple protection security system provides overload protection, temperature control, and more advanced functions to ensure full protection for you and equipment.

Anker's Quick Charge 3.0 lives up to its expectations. No issues at all fast charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 along with parallel charging an older Android without fast/quick charging. The dual ports is a huge plus in my book as I do need two phones charging at the same time constantly.

PowerDrive Speed 2 Highlights:

• Quick Charge 3.0

• Unrivaled Compatibility

• Exceptional Design

• Advanced Safety

2.Best Dual USB Car Charger AZ04

az04 car charger

AZ04 dual USB car charger charges very fast and can charge 2 electronic devices at the same time. Moreover, it can intelligently recognize the charging current required by electronic equipment, adjust the current intensity with the change of electric quantity, but charge enough to protect the equipment. It has built-in temperature monitoring chip to monitor the current and temperature in real time. When the temperature is too high or the current is abnormal, the power will be automatically cut off to ensure that the equipment is safe and not hot.

The shape of the AZ04 car looks a bit like a violin box. It has a smooth and flexible curve, a sharp corner cutting, both the masculine and the feminine coexistence, and the perfect harmony is such a softness. Strengthen both sides of the anti-skid shrapnel, firmly plug in, maintain good contact, so that you can not cut off electricity on the bumpy mountain road or uneven road surface.

AZ04 Dual USB Car Charger Highlights:

• Dual quick charge 3.0 usb ports

• LED&portable build

• "Y" shape usb ports

• Systems module multi-safety

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3.Aukey USB Car Charger for iPhone

aukey car charger

It’s a car charger so small, that it looks like its built into your car. Aukey car charger supports healthier battery function and faster charging speeds.

Using AI Power technology, built-in TI chip,fully compatible with digital devices,while for fast charging equipment 7 also brought heavy protective measures to protect your personal and property safety,love and care! The car charger intelligent matching digital devices, adaptive equipment current, while two devices to be charged make sure you get adequate energy and security of every intelligent ports is not hot heart,enjoy the safest driving experience.

The aukey car charger use piano paint scratch-resistant and durable non-slip, USB port to use more secure 34.3mm*25mm*25mm,weight only 33g.

Designed with the every latest in onboard safety technology, a sophisticated and failsafe. Triple level system provides full over-current.over-charging and overheating protection to prevent damage to either the charger or connected devices.charging automatically stops when the device battery is full. Whether you’re charging an iPad, iPhone,iPod,MP3 player,digital camera,mobile phone or any other device,charge at full speed with maximum peace of mind each time,every time.

Aukey Dual Port Car Charger Highlights:

• Flush Fit

• AiPower Adaptive Charging Technology

• Extensive Compatibility

4.RAVPower Dual USB Car Charger

ravpower car charger

Reliable mobile charging solutions trusted by millions worldwide 60+ countries.RAVPower car charger look no future than the incredibly mini RAVPower Portable car charger for charging on the go.Featuring a convenient handheld size and aluminum alloy casing,you get the fastest charging in the smallest size.

No larger than your thumb,this 24w usb car charger can power two tablets at full speed with a combined output of 4.8A-that’s big power from a small package.

Your usb car charger will look as the day you bought it due to the anti-scratch metallic coating.As easy to insert as it is to remove thanks to the user-frendly design.And it with the easy-to-see LED light,you’ll always know if your devices are charging or sitting without power.

RAVPower Car Charger Highlights:

• Charge two with one

• Simple dedign

• Scratch-proof coating

5.Best Quick Charge 3.0 USB Car Charger AZ05

az05 car charger

This modern car is focused on innovation, with scientific design concept as the soul, wireless binding, plug and play, two USB safe and fast charging, one machine to solve the many needs of the owner. The charging interface is very good, and the connecting head is also very good. The color of the deep air ash matches the color of the car. The dual port USB car charge is very stable.

Modern car charging, break through the old fixed current, take scientific and technological intelligent distribution of current charging, the perfect protection of your mobile phone, when driving, can guarantee the normal power supply of mobile phone, flat plate, and no need to fear cell phone power, charge voltage stable, not let you disappointed. The car can buy a phone to satisfy a family's mobile phone charging. The two interface is very cost-effective, no need to worry about charging and can be charged with family members. Traveling is very convenient. You don't have to bring the excess charger and the line.

The charger is very easy to use, dual output, and can automatically adjust the output current according to the power of the mobile phone. When the cell phone is low, the charger is charged rapidly with the large current of 3A. When the charger is full, the charger will automatically decrease, and the output current will be adjusted in the middle. The electric current is automatically checked, the mobile phone is protected and the overcharge is prevented. In addition, its voltage display function is also practical, so it is worth owning!

AZ05 Car Charger Highlights:

• Charge smarter&faster

• Sleek&scratch-proof coating

• Great power great responsiblty

• iSmart technology

6.Scosche Fast USB Car Charger

scosche car charger

This car charger only has the size of cigarette lighter, which is perfectly embedded in the car console. It does not occupy much space and does not affect other operations. When your navigation device is out of power, you can supply power in time to ensure that GPS continues to navigate for you. 2.4A car charger is compatible with all kinds of equipment to ensure full speed charging.

The biggest factor that affects the cell phone battery is the voltage, the strong current does not harm the battery, because all the circuit control boards with the rated input current of all the battery equipment can cause damage to the battery only if the voltage is too large or unstable. The Scosche car is charged by the international standard to determine the stable power of the Scosche. Quality is trustworthy.

Scosche fast Car Charger Highlights:

• Car filling with the smallest volume

• Double port simultaneous 2.4A output

• The charging speed is almost as fast as that of the home 220V charger

7.Moshi USB Car Charger

Moshi persevering in the pursuit of quality and design, designers adhere to a fashion, straight, practical as the starting point for no consumer to provide security, suitable car charge, from material selection to shape design, which embodies the quality of Moshi demanding.

The car charger design is exquisite and compact, and it can be placed in a narrow space at will. When it is used, it needs to be inserted into the cigarette lighter socket, which is simple and convenient. It has built-in advanced overload current and voltage protection circuit system, which is safe and reliable. The two ports can provide 2.4A current and can efficiently charge two iDevices at the same time. In addition, it also contains spiral Lightning-USB transmission line, the longest can extend to 1.8 meters.

8.Best 4 Port USB Charger for Car

belkin car charger

The Belkin car charger is great . It puts out a serious amount of juice. The maximum for each of the four ports is 2.4A, the maximum for the charger is 7.2A. That means you can run 3 of the ports at full capacity and the 2.4 A is about as good as you get with the old style USB ports.

When travel a lot on long drives and normally have several gadgets in use at one time. You can charge your cell phone with direct plug access, while driving, to keep your battery from running down while in Google Navigation GPS mode... and, as a passenger, If you like being able to simultaneously plug your iPad into the corded slots, while using it for many different things, on the road, and having freedom of movement within the car, due to the long cord. This is the best choice.

Belkin Road Rockstar Highlights:

• Four ports so all passengers can charge

• 6-foot cable reaches backseat passengers

• Clips onto driver/passenger backseat pocket

• 7.2-amp power for fast charging

• Plugs into your car's CLA

9.Best 12v USB Car Charger

Philips car charger

Philips car charger is designed with an integrated waterproof and flame retardant material shell. It adopts high flame retardant ABS material. It has good flame retardancy and not easy to conduct. It is resistant to wrestling, wear-resistant, hard and durable and non-deformable. He can also distribute the appropriate current intelligently according to the electric power saturation of the electronic equipment, and truly achieve the intelligent output and protection when charging at high speed, and effectively solve the heating problem of the charged equipment.

It can carry 12V/24V voltage input, compatible with most of the mainstream models on the market. Manganese steel alloy contact, firmly fit different specifications of cigar lighter and power outlet, plug and play. The overall compatibility of iPhone, Android and other mainstream mobile phones and tablet computers, can also provide the power supply for the vehicle, intelligent shunt charging, even in the car office, can be easily solved.

Built-in smart chip, with the input voltage, overheating, over current, anti-static, surge protection, effective protection of the car ignition instantaneous and charging process of the short circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent and other security risks. Dual USB interface design, at the same time to meet the charging of two devices, dual port output up to 3.1A fast charge, save more waiting time.

10.Best iPhone Car Charger Maxboost

maxboost car charger

The maxboost usb car charger, features two high-powered outputs for quick and easy charging in your vehicle.compact, low-profile design, minimizes the size of the car charger. high-powered usb outputs are univerally compatible with almost any mobile device. Internal LED light allows quick and easy usage in the dark or at night.

Maxboost dual usb smartphone car charger. The maximum output 4.8A, the output port of two 2.4A, can be fast charged for mobile phones and iPad, and the charging time is shortened by more than 30%. Equipped with advanced micro processing smart chip, effectively control overload and heat, and product performance is more stable.

Maxboost dual USB smartphone car charger. maximum output 4.8A, two 2.4A output ports, can be fast for mobile phones, iPad and so full of electricity, charging time shortened by more than 30%. Equipped with advanced micro processing smart chip, effectively control overload and heat,and product performance is more stable.

What is a USB Car Charger?

USB chargers are designed to take advantage of the standardization of USB as a charging method in recent years. Think about it – phones, GPS, headphones, games consoles controllers, tablets and music players – they all come with USB charging cables right? USB car chargers have developed alongside this to provide a fast and convenient way to charge a whole host of electrical devices right inside your car.

How to Choose The Best USB Car Charger?

Now the car chargers are full of dazzling but mixed up. If you buy poor quality products, you will probably burn your car fuse and cell phone. As a veteran and respectable driver, it is necessary to tell you that the following 5 points should be paid attention to when choosing a car charger.

The USB Car Charger Voltage

The output voltage of the car is 12V, the truck is 24V, and the general type car charger (12V) is most suitable for the car. If it is the other vehicle, the corresponding voltage standard is needed.

When choosing a car charger, we should pay attention to the voltage and current of the matching equipment, for example, iPhone is 5V/1A, tablet PC and mobile power are 5v/2A. If the dual USB port charger is charged to the mobile phone and the tablet computer at the same time, the total current of the car charger will be at least 3A or more, otherwise, the charging speed will not only be greatly reduced but also overheating and even filling the equipment.

Automatic Protection Function

The car charger has the functions of overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, and short circuit protection. The best case is to use ABS flame retardant and environmental protection material, which can prevent both external combustion and beauty, and hand touch without hand touch.

The USB Car Charger AMPS

Power is extremely important when it comes to car chargers, however, it is how that power is delivered that is the key – and that is measured in amps. The best USB car chargers power not at less than 2.4 amps. There are models out there that do, we’ve seen some with as low as a 1 amp rating – and they are a complete waste of time. They’ll still be trying to get your phone.

The USB Car Charger Material

USB chargers made of metal will usually cost a bit of a premium compared to models constructed entirely from plastic. You are getting two advantages by choosing a device with metal as the primary construction material. First, they look really cool and also are pretty tough and scratch resistant. Secondly, metal helps dissipate heat. These devices can get pretty hot sometimes, especially with multiple ports going. A metal USB charger will be able to handle that just a little better than their plastic brethren. up over 50% even as the sun consumes the Earth itself in a few billion years time.

The Car Charger Brand

Reliable brand quality is guaranteed and it is easy to use. This truth is not to be said much. Although the price is generally higher than that of the defective car charger, if there is any quality problem, if it is cheap, there will be no complaints. In addition, in order to avoid fighting for the sake of charging, it is best to choose at least 2 USB ports car charger.

USB Car Chargers – Conclusion

These are the best USB car chargers you can currently get your hands on, although we're sure there are many other great options available. They are small, looks great, is built to last with a tough double injection molding construction method and it’s remarkably cheap – put all those factors together and that is why you worth to choose.