Best USB hub for MacBook Pro


USB C hubs are becoming more and more use. Due to the laptops are getting thinner and thinner, the disadvantage is that dropped is connectivity. Like Apple MacBook/MacBook Pro,just have a single usb port. When you want to insert a mouse or other peripheral devices, how desperately you need an extra port to connect to these devices. USB C hub can enable external devices to connect to your Apple MacBook Pro. Some of them are 10 Port USB hub, and the most are 13 Port USB 3.0 hub. Some usb c hubs with power supply, and some include Ethernet、HDMI and SD card readers.

Whether you are looking for a USB hub of won't add more clutter to your desk space, or you want your laptop to connect more external devices. Here the 5 best usb hub for your MacBook/MacBook Pro.


INNOMAX USB Hub for MacBook

Instantly add up to 3 devices with the INNOMAX USB Type C to 3-Port USB 3.0 Hub. The thin, lightweight design, makes this hub a great travel companion to expand your laptop’s USB-C port into three ports. Great for newer computers and notebooks that come with a limited number of installed ports. Fully backwards compatible with USB 2.0/1.1 products. Additionally, each port has its own separate power switch allowing you to individually control each port.

This device is almost mandatory to have in your tool box. The current desktop computer only has two 3.0 USB ports. Any more that just is not enough for all the current devices. The solution is to buy a port extender like the 4 Port hub. Just plug it into an empty port on the computer, then add in the other devices that you have. The power button is sort of nice. Not all devices need to draw power from the computer.

For those, you can if you wish, press the button, and it is just a data pass through device. You can save the available power. This has been used on Win7, and linux Mint, and works well. It has also been used with VMs hosted on a Win7 box via VBox.

It is super useful when you have different external hard drives and other devices you use with your laptop or computer. I like to keep my 2 external harddisks and my webcam plugged into this hub, and just use the individual switches when I need each of them. This way, I don't have to keeo plugging things into my laptop to use them and then unplugging them when I'm moving the laptop. Instead, now I just unplug the hub, after turning off each of the individual switches for each of the hub's ports.

  • Allows use of multiple USB devices at once
  • Very compact and simple design
  • On/Off buttons so no need to unplug unused
  • None so far

AZDOMEUSB C Hub for MacBook

trianium usb c hub adapter

Great USB hub with charging and HDMI port. No need to install any driver to get it working properly. Even if charging when connected with HDMI port, and two USB C ports at the same time, the hub is only warm but not hot. The travel carrying bag is nice. However, the size is a little larger than similar products.

The product itself is great and is of great quality. Worked perfectly when connecting an external computer monitor and connecting a tv to a Macbook PRO 15 w/ touchbar.

This adapter is very useful! Especially for the new MacBook Pro. If you want to find an adapter to use with more screens, for Digital Camera, and your phone. Only one or two type cannot be enough. Now this one can support multiple machines. And this hub is awesome. all the ports you need, including a secondary charging port. the build quality is impressive and the size is very compact.

  • Easy to carry
  • 4K HDMI
  • An Ethernet port is better than Wi-Fi for you to quickly transfer files
  • The cable maybe a little short

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Ditong USB Hub for Macbook & MacBook Pro

Ditong USB Hub for Macbook Pro

It isn't a charger, it just plugs into one of your USB ports, and gives you three more for adding additional USB devices like optical drives, memory sticks, and things like that. It will also pass the 5 volts on the USB buss for powering external devices, and may charge your devices, but if it were me, I would use a dedicated multi-port charger, or use another dedicated port on your computer instead of relying on a charging current through this device to be sufficient to do any charging. Especially if you are using more than one of the three ports on the Ditong device.

This three-port USB 3.0 hub is good. It for your Surface that only has one usb port so you can connect a regular keyboard and mouse, and possibly use a flash drive, but have used it more on a laptop. It operated a keyboard, mouse, and printer, without any trouble. There is a little blue light that lets you know it's plugged in. That light is a little bit bright, and that is the only negative comment you can think of about this hub.

Great slim and simple hub for flash drives. Helps keep desk clear and all wires to one side of the laptop. Very light, plastic construction. One blue light for connected status. Great for it professionals who have many external storage devices, like myself. USB Hub supports data transfers at 79 to 112 megabytes per second on my flash drives and 183 to 249 megabytes per second on my external hard drives. Keeps the speed when you're loading two storage devices at the same time.

  • Reasonable price
  • Small and lightweight
  • Simple to use
  • The connecting wire too short

HooToo USB 3.0 Hub for Mac

HooToo USB Hub for Mac

HooToo usb hub c compliment your Mac or PC laptop with a powerful 4-port 3.0 USB hub that offers paralleled style and performance.It solves your connectivity problems and allows you simultaneously add multiple USB peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard, USB hubs, printers to computers with limited USB ports, and save yourself from constantly switching devices.

This hub is small does not take a lot of space on your desk, little small as the dollar bill. Setup for this hub is really easy with the plug and play design. The unit began functioning just a couple seconds after plugging it in on my Mac, PC was no different.

The unit seems well constructed with strong cordage that feels like it should last, I have had no problem with any peripherals that I’ve plugged in including camcorders, cameras, cell phones, hard drives, flash drives and battery backup chargers several times each in most cases. Several multi-GB data transfers have gone as expected through this hub.

This USB hub really supports USB 3 protocol. You can attach up to two external disks and accessing them in read/write mode with very high speed. Due to its shape and size the hub can fit the smallest pockets of your backpack or handbag. So you could easily take it with you.

  • Solid construction with quality materials
  • USB ports feel nice and snug
  • Emblem lights up when powered
  • The cable is a little short

Sinstar USB Type C Hub for MacBook Pro

Sinstar USB Type C Hub for MacBook Pro

Do you have a new Mac with a USB C port and too many old USB things you want to connect to it? My wife does, so I got this USB C hub for her. It has 3 USB 3 ports and a USB C port, so it isn't merely a USB 3 adapter. She can plug in her external hard drive for pictures and our old printer (that isn't wireless). It can also read the SD cards from our camera which saves us from using another adapter.

The HDMI output is also nice, though the Ethernet port is less useful as everything is WiFi these days. It seems like that could have been better used as another USB port, but maybe that's just me. The unit itself surprised me with its weight. It's heavy for its size and not fragile or cheap plastic.

The brushed metal perfectly compliments the look of the MacBook. If there's anything wrong with this product, it is that it's a little more expensive than other USB C hubs, but then you consider that most of them don't include HDMI ports, USB C ports, or SD and Micro SD card slots and realize that to buy all of those adapters you'd end up paying the same amount you would for just this hub.

Sinstar Type-C hub is compact, if you are a photographer, and your camera takes micro SD and SD card so this adapter fit your purpose very well. 3 usb 3.0 enable you to plug in your external keyboard and mouse for doing some photo editing.

  • Solid construction with quality materials
  • Usb ports feel nice and snug
  • Emblem lights up when powered
  • The cable is a little short

How to choose the best usb c hub?

1, The extension of the excuse is not the more the better, according to the actual needs, the interface space should be reasonable, not too close and too far;

2, The hub material has ABS and aluminum alloy material, aluminum alloy is relatively more wear-resistant, anti - fall, but the price will be a little higher.

3, The indicator light can show the operation of the device, so choosing a hub with indicator lights is essential. Finally, the indicator light can be selected according to personal preferences.

4, The length of specifications to meet the different needs, long used in desktop extension to the desktop to avoid bending plug, short for notebook equipment debugging or synchronous data transmission, the desktop is not messy, greatly improve work efficiency;

5, Everyone is more concerned about the quality of products and after-sales service, can refer to the reputation of the brand.