The 3 Best USB Type C Adapter


Now the new notebook in order to thin, the interface has done very little. Not to mention those tablet notebooks, which have fewer interfaces, and are all newer interfaces like USB Type-c adapter. Insert a USB drive? You need a transformer. Want to plug in a memory card again? Sorry, this is the rest of the interface.

If you buy a new notebook, you have to buy a usb-c HUB. It is best to be versatile, and most laptops have usb-c connectors that are concurrently charged. It can't be recharged at the same time. So this hub takes up a usb-c interface, and it must be extended to a usb-c for recharging. Otherwise hub and charge can only two choose one, not embarrassed.

It is best to have some extended functions to facilitate the use of the province with a lot of converters, one is enough of the kind. Want to output video to TV? To the projector? HDMI interface can not be less. I know that the DP interface can output a higher resolution and frame rate, but the Jiabuzhu HDMI interface is widely used, not to mention the line is much better to find.

It would be best if you had a card reader. SLR cameras, digital cameras, traffic recorders, unmanned aircraft memory cards can be directly read and back up the data. The space of the card reader can also be saved. It takes a lot less to go out.

Here we have collected the best 3 USB Type C adapter for you in 2019 years, helping you to easily pick USB Type C adapter.

B072QL1WKC USB 3.1 Type-C to HDMI Adapter

B072QL1WKC Type-C to HDMI Adapter

This USB type-C adapter has a super high definition HDMI mother head interface, and a USB3.0 interface. This makes it able to display 4K video, and faster transmission speed, and the maximum transmission rate that can be achieved is 500MB/s.

The USB adapter feels very good. The aluminum case is also very strong. The quality is very strong. There is a short gray USB C input cable. The USB line is very thick. It matches the MacBook very well. It looks like the original one, and I believe it will be very durable. Because of the small volume, it is very convenient to carry.

The USB Type-c hub is well designed and has a good metal texture that you can use anywhere, so it's reversible to place it next to your MacBook or other type-c device.

  • Easy to carry
  • Cheap
  • Feel comfortable
  • A little loud

INNOMAX MacBook Pro USB C Hub/Adapter

INNOMAX MacBook Pro Adapter

This usb type-c adapter has three USB3.0 ports, one SD and one micro SD card slot, while the mouse, printer and iphone 6 are plugged into the three USB connectors, and these devices work properly. From the SD card to read a lot of graphics and text and video files are also very fast. Slim design so it won't take up too much of my desktop space.

  • Memory card reader is a nice addition
  • Full-speed USB-C on all 3 ports
  • Good design
  • If you don't have your computer on a surface the adapter dangles by the side of your leg

AZDOME CH-JF32 USB Type-C Adapter

trianium usb c hub adapter

The usb type –c hub with Type-c charging port, let the computer get full power at all times. With three High Speed USB3.0 Interface, support u disk, mouse, keyboard, mobile hard disk, printer and other equipment. Maximum transmission speed 4.8Gbps,it's 10 times of USB2.0,transfer files Faster.

If you are a teacher who teaches high school students. At the end of each quarter, your students have a book report to meet the Common Core requirements of language Arts. You are always busy giving speeches because students put their projects on various drives, cards or connections I don't have. You usually send emails to your instructor to track different guides so that students can showcase the materials they are prepared for. Well, I can say it's a lifesaver. No more running around. You will have all the ports to accept all the different student demos. This cool little adapter is cute.

  • An Ethernet port is better than Wi-Fi for you to quickly transfer files
  • The design is discreet with a mini size for easy to carry
  • The HDMI is 4K to provide super quality pictures
  • It will be slightly heating;But not affect my using
  • The cable maybe a little short

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Final Words

The USB-C interface can significantly enhance the convenience of notebook is connected with the screen, but the biggest problem is currently on the market to support the full functionality of the USB-C connection and can provide a plurality of output interface products on the desktop computer screen is too small, the traditional hardware field, USB-C is still a special interface support, mostly only appear in some high-end manufacturers the latest products, more than three USB Type-C adapter is a higher price on the market at present.