Best USB Type C Docking Station for MacBook


MacBook only provided a USB port, and it was also USB Type C docking station, which was not compatible with most of the devices now, so it was easy to imagine the future of MacBook accessories. Different consumers often have different needs. At that time, MacBook users are likely to carry a lot of different adapters.

The existing market Macbook and other high-end USB-C interface extension devices are very many, through the apple driven industry-related programs also follow up, transfer equipment is also constantly updating technology. What are the products that best meet these needs? Here we'll list some of the best USB Type C docking station.

Wavlink USB C Docking Station Dual Monitor

wavlink usb c docking station dual monitor

The usb type c docking station compatible with Type-C and Type-A notebook / desktop host devices.It can be compatible with two USB 3 or USB C notebook computers as two monitors.

The USB docking station works well, through its two HDMI interface, can connect 2 1080p 60Hz displays, 1 Gigabit ports, through its USB interface to connect the external hard disk, the outside keyboard, and mouse, the headphone hole can connect the headset or audio. There will be no slow transmission files or other display problems during use. The USB dock is solid, and it will not be turned in the process of use. The design of its metal shell looks very fashionable.

Dell DA200 USB Type C Docking Station

dell da200 usb type c docking station

Support thunderbolt3, no rechargeable, no card reader, but you can connect to the Internet and all your all 3 you, and light, easy to carry, you can save a lot of space for your bags and tables.You can connect an external display with this USB dock HDMI or VGA interface, and you can also connect the network to the Ethernet port and connect all the necessary external devices through the USB 3 port.

Azome USB Type C Docking Station

trianium usb c hub adapter

Azdome usb type c dock with Type-c charging port, let the computer get full power at all times. With three High Speed USB3.0 ports, support u disk, mouse, keyboard, mobile hard disk, printer and other equipment. Maximum transmission speed 4.8Gbps,it's 10 times of USB2.0,transfer files faster.

If you are a teacher who teaches high school students . At the end of each quarter, your students have a book report to meet the common core requirements of language arts. You are always busy giving speeches because students put their projects on various drives, cards or connections I don't have. You usually send emails to your instructor to track different guides so that students can showcase the materials they are prepared for.

Well, I can say it's a lifesaver. No more running around. You will have all the ports to accept all the different student demos. This cool little usb dock is cute.

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Belkin Thunderbolt 2 Docking

belkin thunderbolt 2 docking

Using this thunderbolt 2 docking to connect your laptop and other devices, you can quickly transfer files. It allows you to transmit music, movies, and other data files at an unprecedented rate of 20Gbps transmission. The transmission speed is four times faster than the USB 3. You can connect more than eight different devices to your laptop, make your workspace cleaner and improve your entire user experience. If you have a Thunderbolt monitor, you can use this dock to set up a double display and second HDMI monitors, plus this dock to support 4K resolution, to make the video more vivid.

A more professional desktop extension dock can be charged for 16 RMBP, with the advantage of making full use of Thunderbolt 2 and having a strong performance; the shortcoming is that the video interface is too single and less a card reader.

Kensington USB Dual Display Docking Station

kensington usb dual display docking station

For people who use thin notebooks, the most troublesome thing is that ultra-thin notebooks have few interfaces to connect external devices so that when multiple devices are used, the other devices have to be pulled out of the device to be used. But now Kensington USB dual display docking can be a good solution to this dilemma.

It integrates a number of interfaces that connect different devices so that you can easily connect with all external devices, including keyboard, mouse, printer and external hard disk, and double HD video output interface that allows you to add two external displays to improve work efficiency. The two USB 3 ports of the USB docking station support ultra high-speed data transmission up to 5 Gbps.

kensington usb type c docking station

Most ultra-thin notebooks are more concise designs that focus on appearance, which leads to their lack of enough external ports, such as MacBook and surface pro.

As a result, you are constantly plugging and unplugging peripherals to connect to the devices you need. The Kensington USB type c Docking Station turns one USB A port into six so that with one hot swappable USB connection you will have access to all of your peripherals up to eight peripherals plus two 1080HD video monitors.

Through the understanding of the above USB type C docking station, I believe you should make the best choice. I hope you can choose the most satisfactory USB type C docking station.