Best Wireless Car Charger 2019


Whether you are at home, office or travel, you need a charger for your phone. If you're traveling in a car, it's very useful to have a wireless car charger, because it will meet your travel needs.

Compared with the traditional car charger, the car wireless charger pad better on convenience, Combined with the phone cup holder function, it’s more convenient for drivers to charge their phones. It also helps you solve the vexation of all kinds of cables winding in the car.

Let's take a look at the best wireless car charger 2019.

Best wireless car charger 2019


best wireless car charger

In the field of wireless charging car mount, The AZDOME CW01 wireless car charger has two major technical innovations, the first is the innovative use of the 70-degree clamp arm, the advantage is that the stent can clamp the phone as much as possible, no matter how bumpy the road, the mobile phone will not be away from the stent, will not let the mobile phone wireless charging when the time.

The second is the Iron Triangle lock mobile phone, we all know that the triangle is the most stable, if you are outdoor tatsu people, like to challenge the road of the steep, then the Iron Triangle lock, at the same time with the help of gravity effect, and three stent on the inside of the 3.5mm soft Special silicone pad, you can make mobile phone firm and not easy to scratch.

This is not a wireless car charger magnetic, but instead uses a freely retractable left and right bracket. The design of a number of cooling holes in the back can greatly prolong its service life. You only need to put it in the air outlet position of the car, you can complete the installation, will be very tight, very reliable. The pure color design is simple and low-key, with the car does not look very abrupt.

Why you need get the CW01 wireless car charger?

This is a 10W fast wireless car charger, the wireless car charger simple to install and automatically scaling. Fit for various phones like iPhone X/8/8 Plus, samsung galaxy s8, etc.

Automatically scaling, just button to release grip arms on both sides, and place your phone on the wireless car charger holder, clips will tighten automatically. so you just one hand operation. And wireless car charger mount simple to install, it will charge your phone in a safe and secure way and can be mounted very quickly.

What is wireless car charger?

Wireless charging car mount is a convent charger pad for phone that mount into car vent. That you can clip your phone into position for you to use while driving, You can charge your phone, and you without the hassles of wires.

Why you need a wireless car charger?

If you often have challenges with keeping your phone charged. As such, you end up with a dead battery every once in a while, or you tired of plugging and unplugging my phone , now you needn't endure with it any longer. The wireless car charger will help save the day when you need a charged phone most.

How to Install a wireless car charger?

These wireless car charger mounts are all easy to install. It'll take you less than 60 seconds. just attach the mount to your car (usually with a suction cup or clip), plug in the power, and clip in your phone.

Wireless car charger mount buying guide

Before buying a wireless car charger mount, you should consider the following points in order to get the best in-car wireless charging that meets your needs and expectations, thereby avoiding the cost of buying a useless wireless car charger.

Wireless car charger charging speed: charging speed is very important, because you certainly don't want to keep charging while driving. So, it's best to choose a car wireless charger with a fast charging mode that can fully charge your phone in 60 to 90 minutes. Also note that it is best to find wireless car charger phone mounts that are compatible with 15W, 7.5W, or 5W charging speeds.

Wireless car charger design: the design of each wireless car charger pad also plays an important role. Intelligent design usually helps you use it. For example, a 360-degree rotating charger bracket allows you to adjust to any direction for good visual results. In addition, charger installation and protection system design, such as anti-scratch, anti-skid silicone pad is what you should choose to ensure that your phone will be highly protected in any road condition.

Multiple wireless car charger: it is an intelligent way to purchase wireless charger mounts. You may also want to buy a phone that can be used as both a wireless charger and a phone holder, allowing you to safely place your phone while driving. Therefore, buying only one unit can save more money for another phone device.

This article talks so much about the knowledge and choice skills of car wireless charger mount. Believe you can be sure what is the most suitable wireless car charger mount for your phone. Overall, the wireless car charger will greatly change the convenience of your driving. You can conveniently mount your phone for charging and enjoy the travel.