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dual ports usb car charger

Dual Port USB Car Charger

AZDOME AZ05 dual usb ports car charger for your 2 devices
  • With two iSmart ports (3.0A+2.4A), fast charging has never been easier.

  • AZ05 USB car charger will look as new as the day you bought it due to the anti-scratch metallic coating.

  • With a number of built-in protection methods to keep your device safe.

azdome az05 dual port car charger


Qualcomm 3.0 Quik Car Charger

AZDOME AZ05 Car Charger is much smaller aluminum alloy coated USB charger on the market at only 30g. Ideal for almost any vehicle, once
connected to the cigarette lighter port, you can simultaneously power two devices - including two tablets - Featuring scratch-resistant coating,
it will always look as new as the day you bought it.

azdome az05 dual ports car charger

azdome az05 dual ports car charger

Product Description


Constant Charge
The battery input of 12-24V is standard across all cars; however there are times when it can exceed this standard. When you hit the ignition switch or when the car
accelerates, the input can be anywhere from 8V to as high as 30V. No matter the voltage, the USB charger will automatically adjust to protect your device and charge
at a steady rate.

Simplified Design
Small size, excellent workmanship, accompany your driving trip.More naturally integrate into the interior of the car.

Committed to details and quality,one-time construction technology safety,high quality and stably
• Start Hight Pressure Protection
• Short-circuit Protection
• Under-voltage Protection
• Over Heat Protection
• Over Current Protection
• Over Votage Protection

az05 dual ports car charger

Popular Compatible Models
• iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6S, 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5, 4S;
• iPad Mini, Air, and all other models;
• Android Phones: Moto G; HTC One
• Other Devices: PSP; Nexus, etc.


azdome az05 dual ports car charger package