Dash cam is an Inevitable Trend to Enhance Driving Safety



According to the relevant report of car ownership released by traffic administration bureau of public security ministry, the data shows that as of the end of 2016, Chinese vehicle amount reaches up to 290 million, including 194 million cars, and the vehicle drivers reach 360 million, car drivers are more than 310 million. Most strikingly, the sales volume of Chinese cars reaches up to 13.35 million just from January to June 2017, among which quite a few of cars were driven by green hands.

Speaking of green hand, many friends may be a bit scared, there are quite a number of traffic accidents caused by green hands. With the explosive growth of green hands and private cars, the road condition is much more complicated than before, besides, there are a lot of pedestrians, electric vehicles,
ofo bicycles, plus the blackmail, you may easily get in trouble if you are not careful.

So current drivers pay more attention to the driving safety, and they are also more cautious when driving, but car accident will still probably happen to everyone at any moment, let’s see the data of Chinese statistical bureau: in 2016, Chinese road traffic accident is about 300 thousand, the number of deaths is about 40,824, the number of injured is more than 200 thousand, the death tolls increased by 4,646 compared to 36,178.8 of 2015, extremely horrible, 2.4 people on average per ten thousand are killed in traffic accident.

At this time, recording the entire process of traffic accident is particularly important, especially to new drivers, it can avoid many unnecessary troubles in traffic accident identification. Therefore, an increasing number of drivers choose to install
dash cam, and even have to install.

But judging from the current dash cam industry, dash cams are numerous in variety, the quality also varies greatly.

Many dash cams are of poor quality, but they attracted consumers with multifarious functions, and consumers are not expert at choosing dash cams, they tend to buy the unbranded products produced by unscrupulous producers. With the increasing popularity of dash cams, how to find a dash cam which can really guarantee security is a big concern for each driver.

Someone may say that it is just a dash cam, it is ok as long as it could work.    


What's the core purpose of dash cam? To bring the real feeling of traffic safety. And the core function is to record the whole accident, but dash cam with poor quality may be broken at the moment of collision, let alone recording. Furthermore, the dash cam should be able to remain stable operation under the circumstance of high temperature, cold and wet weather, quite a number of dash cams in the market can't do that.

Azdome dash cam put quality as the first consideration, all for the sake of users, supports multiple driving assistance, provides greater security assurance.

Especially Azdome new product of 2017 -
DAB211, is worth mentioning.

Well, first of all, DAB211 is equipped with Ambarella A12 chip, it is well known that Ambarella chip in dash cam will bring a better experience for users whether in CPU, operation speed, image or functions, which captures the heart of the vast majority of people.


Secondly, the video resolution and lens, which are the primary concern of people, in this regard, DAB211 is also fairly attractive, DAB211 comes with 1440p and 150 degree ultra wide angle, which means a better overall experience for the users and will provide panoramic views of surrounding environment for people to enjoy the visual feast.

Last but not least, DAB211 has the most complete and most advanced functions compared with the other dash cams, which counts for most people, let’s talk about the actual features. Besides the basic functions of dash cam - G-sensor, motion detection, parking monitor, etc, DAB211 is also equipped with built-in GPS, ADAS, HDMI, HDR, hidden design, night vision, two kinds of ways to install, 3M mount and suction mount for options, etc, Azdome says that with these functions DAB211 will not only help the drivers record the videos in driving, but beneficial to drivers in many other aspects.

Click here to know more about the previous news of DAB211

For the drivers, dash cam has been an indispensable part, and the reliable and practical Azdome dash cam is your best choice to ensure the driving safety.

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