Video Display of Azdome GS65H Parking Monitor Function



Dash cam is familiar to most drivers, such a small device helps us record every day's driving route, and meanwhile, solves many traffic accident dispute for us. In addition to the basic function of recording, dash cam manufacturers also set parking monitor as one of the standard features, and Azdome, of course, is no exception.

It is known that all dash cams launched by Azdome are equipped with 24-hour parking monitor function to ensure 24-hour monitoring. Such as DAB211 with Ambarella A12 chip and best dual dash cam GS65H.

Azdome announced a video of parking monitor, we can see from the video that Azdome GS65H will start and record the video automatically if there is any collision or vibration, and the recording file will also be saved and locked for us to find conveniently, and if the car is destroyed, the video can also be used as evidence for compensation.
GS65H will shut off by itself after the car is off when the car suffers the knock, the parking monitor function will be activated and record the video automatically, and will shut off automatically after recording for some time. As there is low power consumption of the GS65H battery in power off state, the built-in 450 mAH polymer lithium battery can easily meet the requirement of 24-hour parking monitor function.

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