The Harmfulness Of Using Cellphone As Small Dash Cam



At present, the quality and price of dash cams on the market vary greatly, many drivers don't know where to start while choosing thes dash cams, and part of the drivers start to think about using a cellphone as small dash cam! Today I will share the harmfulness of using the cellphone as dash cam with you.


1. The camera angle is not enough: the primary problem of using cellphone as dash cam is that there is no wide-angle lens, which will lead to a small visual scope, and couldn't get a shot of the four corners of A pillar on both sides, and the increase of shooting blind area reduces the meaning of dash cam to a certain degree, and the shooting effect will be affected to a degree due to the low compatibility between the camera and the cellphone.

2. Cellphone battery problem: the battery is the key in long working hours of a cellphone! Many people use the car charger to support the phone recording, but there are not rated current in the car, it will go up or go down, which has serious damage to the cellphone battery and the circuit board.

3. Memory size: a 1-minute video size is about 965kb, so a rough count would be about 18 hours for 1G(count based on the picture size of 480*320). A 16G memory card is enough for the normal users, but if being used to record, obviously it can't store the video recording of sufficient days. Although the app sets cycle recording function following dash cam, the repetitive reading will cause a considerable burden on the memory card. Besides, the cellphone will get heated-up during long-term recording, in severe cases may burn the camera, especially in the daytime when the sunlight is intense, which may cause damage to the other components of the cellphone.

4. Stability: it may save part of money for you to use a cellphone as the dash cam, but after all, the cellphone hasn't passed the professional road test, and it may shake in poor road condition, and the recording video will also shake seriously.

5.Convenience: using the cellphone as a small dash cam, the best installation position is in the middle of the windscreen and near the rear-view mirror, but it will be inconvenient for the drivers to answer the phone or call up.


Although now we can use the cellphone as a small dash cam, its real performance is not so satisfactory, both the effect and operation are inferior to the professional dash cam. Besides, the practical operation is not so convenient as we imagine, and may cause damage to the components of the cellphone, it's really a worthless action. The car owners who need dash cam should buy a professional dash cam, don't think that the smart-phone is versatile. If you have no idea of where to buy or how to choose a dash cam, here is a professional dash cam manufacturer for your reference, Azdome is the Chinese manufacturer that specializes in making car dash cams, classical fashion and simple elegance are their brand feature, every detail of Azdome dash cam is designed based on the user's actual demand, aimed at creating more wonderful life for the users with simple and elegant design.

Comments: although cellphone can be used as small dash cam, its effect can't be comparable with professional dash cam, if the mobile phone accessories are damaged while using the cellphone, such as the burning of the camera and some other unexpected cases, that will be not worth the candle, so the author thinks that the drivers should choose a professional dash cam, if some car owners insist on using cellphone as small dash cam, a mobile phone software is needed, the famous “DailyRoads” is relatively perfect in functions, this app supports cycle recording, G-sensor, etc, but you need to buy the wide-angle lens and mobile phone support, and try to use the disused cellphone, in case that it may cause damage to your cellphone.

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