Azdome DAB211 New feature ADAS disclosure



Rapidly growing dash cam manufacturer - Azdome - has launched their latest ambarella dash cam - DAB211, which has been available all over the world for quite some time now, and has received widespread attention since it was announced for its rich functions, stable performance and high-cost performance, to make DAB211 better known to the public, Azdome has released much news about it, this time Azdome brings another news of DAB211 to you, it's about the ADAS function, keep reading to know more.

Azdome DAB211 New feature ADAS disclosure

So what's ADAS function? ADAS is an abbreviation for the Advanced Driver Assistance System, when your car begins to move out of its lane or too close to the car in front of you, the dashcam with ADAS will sound a voice alarm to warn you of the driving safety.

Azdome DAB211 New feature ADAS disclosure

Apart from the features such as 1440P, built-in GPS, hidden design, HDR, night vision, etc, ambarella dash cam DAB211 is also equipped with ADAS function, it can provide real-time intelligentized warning of lane shift and measuring of leading vehicle distance, gives you effective security alerts and timely correct driving behavior, escorts for your trip at any moment. Such function also increases the attractiveness of DAB211.

The uniqueness of DAB211 is far more than these, there are still many new functions and different playing methods of DAB211 waiting for you to discover, head over to Azdome official website to learn more details about it.

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