AZDOME GS65H GPS Function Is Coming



As a dash cam manufacturer, Azdome, has brought us constant surprise in 2017, launched Ambarella chipset dash cam -DAB211, the world's first dual-lens dash cam - GS65H and world's first 4k dash cam - GS63H successively, only in a few short months, Azdome has pushed the dash cam industry into a new height.

Today, we get a new surprising news from Azdome, GS65H will be equipped with GPS function through a long period of continuous testing, which is undoubtedly a good news for the GPS lovers.

AZDOME GS65H GPS Function Is Coming
As the world's first dual-lens dash cam, Azdome GS65H has received widespread attention since it was announced, and caused a sensation in Amazon, gearbest and other e-commerce platforms.

AZDOME GS65H GPS Function Is Coming

The reason why GS65H gets the favor of the masses of customers is not only because of the compact and elegant appearance, the other features such as unique heat emission hole, Novatek96655 chip and Sony IMX323 sensor make GS65H much more appealing.

Nowadays, this best selling dash cam also adds a new feature of GPS, what price do you think the device will be? 

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