Azdome DAB211 Ambarella Dash Cam Is Available Now



AZDOME launched an Ambarella A12 dash cam DAB211 with 1440p over two months ago, to ensure the highest standards of quality, each single component is subjected to rigorous testing, AZDOME officially announces that DAB211 will be shipped this week.

Azdome DAB211 Ambarella Dash Cam Is Available Now

As is well-known, DAB211 has attracted widespread attention since it was announced, according to the AZDOME official statistics, it has signed many agents, DAB211 has been sold to America, Canada, Russia, England, Italy, etc. The current monthly sales(online and offline sales volume) has reached 30k. AZDOME products can be seen in major e-commerce platform such as Gearbest, Bangood, Amazon, Aliexpress and so on.

Azdome DAB211 Ambarella Dash Cam Is Available Now

It is not merely because of its high quality that DAB211 arouses so much interest, the powerful function also makes it much more appealing. A variety of functions such as HDR, ADAS, night vision, over speed warning, zero distortion, adjustable lens, etc are enough to make DAB211 stand out from the numerous dash cams, combined with excellent after-sales service, DAB211 is preferred by the vast number of users.

Currently, there are two versions for AZDOME DAB211, one is with GPS, sold at $129.99, another is without GPS, sold at $99.99.

Buying DAB211 at AZDOME official website

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