5 Reasons Why You Should Buy DAB211 the Best Dash Cam With GPS



One of the most-anticipated dash cams in recent times, the AZDOME DAB211 has been available on the AZDome official website and has largely been declared a success. If you somehow missed the written and video review of the DAB211, allow us to quickly share a few reasons that might convince you, five to be exact, why the AZDOME DAB211 might be a good pickup for you.

best dash cam with gps
High performance

Performance is one of the biggest strengths of the DAB211, the Chinese manufacturer AZDOME threw in everything in terms of technical configuration for the dash cam: it not only has the best chip on the market, the Ambarella A12A55, but also has a powerful image Sensor OV4689, in addition, it max supports 64GB TF card, all of these powerful combinations will bring a better experience for users whether in CPU, operation speed, image or functions, above all, with Ambarella chip, the footage recorded by DAB211 will be zero distortion, restoring the real scenes better, which captures the heart of the vast majority of car owners.

best dash cam with gps
Rich functions

A rich set of features of the DAB211 is certainly one of the main selling points of the device, DAB211 has the most complete and most advanced functions compared with the other dash cams, AZDOME DAB211 of course has all the expected features of the higher level of dash cams like G-sensor, motion detection or parking monitor, but will throw in some extra stuff like built-in GPS, ADAS, HDR, HDMI, night vision, over speed warning, etc.

best dash cam with gps
Video Resolution

Video quality is the most important factor in choosing a dash cam, the resolution of the DAB211 is definitely one of the biggest draws of the phone. It comes with 2560*1440p/30fps, this high definition video quality can help you capture more details like car license plate numbers and people's faces.

best dash cam with gpsWide Angle Lens

In terms of wide angle lens, DAB211 is also very attractive, equipped with a 150°wide angle lens that records HD-quality videos, this gives a clear view of what is in front of the car from a wide angle perspective so you will see more details on-screen that are usually not noticeable when you are driving. What’s more, the camera lens can be adjusted 39°from top to bottom, which is easier to install and more convenient to use, helps you to record the videos in all directions.

best dash cam with gps

The new flashy hidden design of the DAB211 of course makes it much more appealing. The dash cam has a compact design with 2.31 inch LCD, which will neither block the line of sight, nor affect the vehicle interior environment, besides, it comes with two kinds of installation method, suction mount and 3M mount to meet your different needs and preferences, furthermore, plenty of heat emission holes design on the surface help DAB211 eliminate the heat effectively.

Do you plan to buy the AZDOME DAB211? If so, which argument convinced you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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