The First Stock of AZDOME DAB211 was Quickly Sold out



AZDOME products have been recognized by the market and well received by consumers since it was launched, many products are in short supply, especially AZDOME DAB211, the first stock was quickly sold out after being on sale at some e-commerce platform such as Gearbest, Bangood, Amazon, Aliexpress, etc.


DAB211 is equipped with the top level Ambarella A12 chip and OV4689 Sensor, combined with the 1440p ultra HD resolution and night vision, these features make DAB211 the hot selling item in the dash cam market, the first stock quickly sold out indicates that it is recognized by consumers.

Besides, AZDOME also equips DAB211 with HDR, which can restrain the excessive light intelligently, effectively improve the image definition, plus the 150°ultra wide angle and 39°adjustable lens from top to bottom, which can help you record the driving videos in all directions, these extra stuff provide you a better experience.

The First Stock of AZDOME DAB211 was Quickly Sold out

AZDOME has adopted the corresponding production program to solve the supply shortage, increase the production of DAB211, now DAB211 has already been back on sale.

AZDOME is also well prepared for the 11-11 shopping festival, by then there will be a considerable discount, what do you think the discount will be?

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