AZDOME 11.11 Shopping Day Festival Flash sales, Up to 50% OFF



If you are a fan of Chinese gadgets, then you pretty much know that 11.11 is the Asian's country most important shopping day, the equivalent of the famous western Black Friday, with an infinite amount of amazing deals waiting for you, there is no exception for AZDOME, AZDOME will also give big deal for their fans, let's see what they're offering.

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On AZDOME's Aliexpress 11.11 page there are different promotions that you can take advantage of. Almost all AZDOME dash cams will be discounted to the lowest price ever as well, the typical hot-sale products include Ambarella A12 1440p dash cam - DAB211, the world's first dual lens dash cam - GS65H, the world's first 4k dash cam - GS63H, etc. Let's begin with the AZDOME DAB211, an Ambarella dash cam equipped with OV4689 Sensor, and with 1440p resolution, built-in GPS, ADAS, HDR, night vision, hidden design, 150°ultra wide angle, image no distortion, over speed warning, adjustable lens, thermal Design, etc.

where to buy dash cam
All those features make it stand out from the competition. Please note that there are 2 versions of DAB211, one is with GPS, another is without GPS, you can get the DAB211 with GPS for as low as $99.99 and DAB211 without GPS for $79.99 on 11.11 on the AZDOME Aliexpress store . Before 11.11, DAB211 with GPS is sold at $129.98, without GPS is sold at $99.99, really a big discount.

Next we have the AZDOME GS65H, GS65H is a dual lens dash cam with Novatek96655 chip and sony IMX323 sensor, meanwhile, it is also with built-in GPS and silicone suction mount, and the F1.8 aperture of the front lens is a pretty good configuration for dash cam, the 4 infrared lamp in the rear lens greatly improve its night vision effect in dark environment, which makes it much more unique and appealing. There are also 2 versions of GS65H, with GPS and without GPS. The GS65H with GPS can be purchased on 11.11 for as low as $89.99, and GS65H without GPS will be sold at $71.99 on 11.11, the corresponding price before 11.11 are $99.99 and $79.99.

Last but not least, we have the 4k dash cam GS63H, this device comes with built-in GPS and WiFi conncetion along with a silicone suction mount. You can buy the AZDOME GS63H for $85.7 on 11.11 from the AZDOME Aliexpress store.

There are also many other dash cams with big discount in AZDOME Aliexpress store on 11.11, there is always a will for you. So, if you ever thought about getting a AZDOME dash cam, November 11th is the right day.

The promotion will kick off at 3:00 PM 11th Nov 2017(GMT+8) and will end at 3:00 PM 12th Nov 2017(GMT+8), it’s better you log in your Aliexpress account and go to AZDOME official store beforehand, as if you get there too late you might not find much left.

The deal will be active only on 11.11 through the following Aliexpress store and you can learn more about the product details over at AZDOME's official website.

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