How Choose a Dash Cam



Many people believe that it is better with wider angle lens, wide angle lens can help us to record more details, accordingly, some manufacturers declare that their dash cam can reach 170°, what is the concept of 170°, there is only 10°difference between 170°and 180°, we all know the concept of 180°, if the camera lens really reach 170°, then the picture recorded will be distorted, just like the fisheye effect with both sides turning up, such pictures will be uncomfortable for people to see, generally, it is good enough for dash cam to reach 140°, currently, the best 150°wide angle lens dash cam is AZDOME dash cams.

 how choose a dash cam

Limited to the dash cam working environment, technology, cost, etc, the night vision effect of dash cam is generally poor, this is a present status of industry.

At night, dash cam mainly uses the external light source such as street light, car headlights, etc, some dash cams may be equipped with LED light or infrared LED light to supplement the light source for the dash cam shooting, but these auxiliary small light have very little effect as these light will be reflected by the front windshield, and the car insulation film will absorb the infrared light, the night vision effect depends on the quality of camera lens, it has little to do with the auxiliary lamp.

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