What is The Function of HD Driving Recorder?



What exactly is the use of hd dash cam? Why does the transportation department force the drivers to install the dash cam? 
hd driving recorder

HD dash cam is actually a recording device equipped with wide angle or ultra wide angle lens and installed near the front windshield of the car. Through professional installation and test, the dash cam will start recording automatically once the car engine is on, the dash cam is used to record the whole images during the driving process, the main purpose is to provide evidence in case of traffic accident, it can of course record the beautiful scene during your self-driving tour. 

The function of HD dash cam is not only to record, it is mainly used for traffic accident evidence, HD dash cam usually adopts memory card to record, the recording time varies from several hours to dozens of hours with the pixel and memory card, the dash cam is usually equipped with loop recording function, when the memory card is full, the previous recording data will be overwritten automatically. Vehicle dash cam is a multi-function high-tech product equipped with HD on-board DV recording, photographing, sound recording, external SD/TF card. Mainly used for on-vehicle shooting, to record the video image or sound during the driving process and effectively improve the driving safety. 

hd driving recorder

Most brand name products of HD dash cam adopt full automatic design, automatically record when the car starts, and automatically save the video when the car stops, loop recording, the whole process is completely automatic without manual operation, convenient and easy to use. The built-in display screen allows you to watch the video while recording, you can also watch it by downloading to the computer, used in the daily life, travelling and outdoor activities. 

Nowadays, HD dash cam is increasingly paid attention to, many drivers plan to equip their cars with a HD dash cam product, but there are numerous brands in the dash cam market, due to the lack of unified industry standard, the fake dash cams emerge in endlessly, which increase the difficulty for the wide car owners to choose the HD dash cam. 

HD dash cam is a HD camera used in car, its main function is to record and save the various videos, record the driving track, the general car owners also use it to record their life  

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