How to Simply Fit a Dash Cam



In order to prevent racketeer, more and more people will install dash cam first time when they have bought a car. But some people consider that it is difficult to install it because you should tear down many things . and the easiest way is hiding plumb wire by trim removal tool. Therefore,installing dash cam by yourself is possible. let’s try it out with the following steps. 

The best position for dash cam

how to simply fit a dash cam

The best location is  between inside rear-view mirror and front windshield. on the one hand, the wide angle is bigger . on the other hand, the effect on our vision is minimal. but you should pay more attention that it is so close to rear-view mirror that effects the wide angle of the rear-view mirror.

The tools to use in installing dash cam 

In this method, you only use three tools,trim removal tool,double-side tape,3M . You can use the trim removal tool to easily put the cable in car plaque . of course, your hands can take the place of the tool if you are strong . and the cable adhered with the help of the double-sided tape, you must fix the dash cam with 3M. 

How to install dash cam wire
First, you should figure out how to arrange cable and hide it possibly. According to your judgment, it directly determines whether the simple and beauty of it. Second, checking the location of the cable. there are two part of the interior material, including soft and hard. You only need lightly press the cable in my hands-on soft, but you should fit it in with the trim removal tool on hard.

the line reveals itself

Notice , i suggest the cable avoid the location of the Air curtain bounce off for the car equipped with side air curtain . this way can reduced influence when the air curtain works. 

Connection :  more patience and attention

how to simply fit a dash cam

We recommend the cable begin with the USB of dash cam .in other words, we will set the cable on the roof. we directly set the cable into the space between the roof panel and the glass .using trim removal tool will make it more perfect and easy.

 simply fit a dash cam

Look at the actual situation when the cable through the A-pillar. we should take care of our strength while we install it for the car equipped with A-pillar side curtain airbag, otherwise, the plaque is destroyed. Without A pillar side curtain airbag, we set it indirectly. we did show the method using the car without A pillar side curtain airbag.

After the above steps, I have some trouble the cable can’t through Glove box because some plaque is sealed. So, opening the door sealing strip, we may be able to set the cable in.

how to  fit a dash cam

When the cable goes through the center of the right front door pedal that is high and hard plastic hardness, we need to use the trim removal tool to find out the gap.

how to simply fit a dash cam

Next, you have two choices to go on . the cable directly across the glove box, fix it and reach cigarette lighter.

lever car decoration and insert the cable

I choose another easy way. the cable across the glove box, and then reaches the cigarette lighter. it also looks beautiful. 

fit a dash cam

Due to hard and good sealing plaque and the narrow space, it has a bit of trouble to install the cable. I spent more time when the cable across the glove box because the cigarette lighter got stock in the glove box positioning rod.

suture and fixed

I found that there is an exposed cable outside if you dont modify when the cable comes in the glove box.

fit a dash cam Success

Finally,  you can confirm dash cam normal working after energizing the lamplighter. You successfully installed dash cam.

Do you think this method is simple?  If you are the pursuit of perfection , you also can make the wiring is very professional. But, for the common drivers, I suggest you adopt the way that I introduce today . not only do you not demolish anything but also it saves time and looks beautiful. 

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