How to Install Dash Cam?



How to Install Dash Cam Wire?

There are three problems with wiring, we have solved two problems, the last one is wiring. This step is more troublesome, so a lot of drivers will be casually handled, directly hanging the cable above the center console will affect to driving vision, also break the cable of the best front and rear dash cam for a long time and affect the driving safety. 

In order to not affect driving safety, you’d better wire the cable through above of the windshield to A-pillar, and then go to the right down of the center console, then go through under the copilot pad, finally connect to the cigarette lighter or USB interface. It is worth to notice that after confirming the wiring, don’t arrange the cable in time, you’d better compare the length of the cable according to the wiring location. 

Because the wires of the dash cam are thin, so you don’t remove the plane, only with the trim removal tool, fill the cable into the gap, also use cable clips to fix the cable without the gap. 

If the original cable of the dash cam is not long enough, you need to pass the cable from the co-pilot glove box, please avoid the co-pilot airbag position, because this may result in the co-pilot airbag can not pop up normally.

The Best Position For Dash Cam

The best night vision dash cam is not only installed on the car, but also the location of the lens is very essential. We first talk about the installation position, the different angle has the different effect. Therefore, before fixing the lens, you should make sure where can give you a direct and wide vision. 

how to install dash cam

How to Install Dash Cam to The Fuse Box?

Battery and fuse box is the integration of various power sources, many anti-theft of cars directly get power from here, at the same time, it provides power for the dash cam. But considered that there is a firewall in the engine and cockpit, so it takes a little effort to install a dash cam by yourself. In addition, if you have more experience of wiring, it is difficult to complete wiring. If you have to do that, it is best to find a professor to install it. 

how to install dash cam

The front reading light which is closing to the dash cam also can provide electricity for the car. and you don’t need too long cable. But you should break cable to get electricity or remove the reading light shell, which has an effect on the original car appearance, so I don’t suggest to connect to reading light. 

how to install dash cam

The final is a cigarette lighter or USB interface, both two power supply basically have no effect on the appearance of the car. But the location is far away from the dash cam, you should take a little though to set up the dash cam cable. In order to keep the appearance of the dash cam, it is recommended to get electricity from the cigarette lighter or USB interface. 

how to install dash cam

Common wrong installation of the dash cam

1, wrong wiring. Direct hanging the cable in the air not only affect the beauty of the car because the cigarette lighter is close to the shift gears, the cable may twine the gears while the car is shaking so that it will affect the driving vision. 

2, wrong installation position. The aim of installing the dash cam on the front windshield is to ensure safety. Although the wide angle of the current dash cam is not small, the wrong installation position will increase blind area and make no sense. When the dash cam reaches effective wide angle to a large extent, it can record the whole condition on the dash cam. 

3, wrong power supply. After connecting to the reading light, even the car shut down, the dash cam keeps working, which means that the dash cam produces a lot of useless information, final runs out of the power of the battery. When you use your car again, your car can’t be started. 

How Install Dash Cam?

The dash cam must be installed correctly to maximize its function.The following is to share the installation method of the general dash cam.

1、Inset the memory into the card of dash cam.
2、Install the glass bracket and driving recorder.

3、Clean the windscreen with the towel.

4、The dash cam is installed in the proply location, which don’t effect the drive vision.

5、Insert the power plug of the dash cam into the cigarette lighter.

6、Turn on the display of dash cam and adjust the angle. 
7、Wiring the power line of the dash cam.

8、After installing, check and test function is normal.

Conclusion: the installing of the dash cam includes fixing the lens, finding the power supply and wiring. The difficulty lies in the wiring. In fact, you take a little though to complete in 3 minutes. Finally, in order to get the best shooting effect and heat dissipation, don’t forget to remove the protection film on the dash cam lens. 

How to install dual dash cam?

If you have a dual dash cam, and you don't know how to mount it. In this video, will teach you hou to install a rear dash cam step by step!

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