Dash Cam Common Questions And Solution



It is quite popular that the driver installs the dash cam in the car, so we have some problem with using. Here are some common failure and solutions about the dash cam.

1、The recording will automatically stop when filming


(1)Check the dash cam has set up the video loop function.

(2)Check and set up the recording video format, and save memory as much as possible.

(3)Please use the high-speed TF card compatible with SDHC, and the high-speed TF card will have C4 or C6 signs.

2、When the video plays with the pause or jumps second, The main reason is that there is an error in storing the information or the quality of the memory card.

(1)Formatting your SD card or TF card.

(2)Check your card whether it is poor, if it is please replace the Kingston original card.

3、The video is blurry .

Solution:clean the lens.

4、The image by the dash cam is very dark or light because the large contrast scene affect the the automatic exposure function.

Solution:adjust sensitometry .

5、The image isn’t perfect in the cloud or indoor.

Solution: adjust white balance

6、The reason that the image has horizontal stripes is due to the setting of the wrong frequency of light.
dash cam common questions and solution

Solution: According to the local power supply frequency, we set it at 50HZ or 60HZ.

7、The video is noisy because of the low battery

Solution: we have to charge it to record.

8、Because the card is incompatibility or the player format problems so that it plays with incoherent in computer.

(1)First,i suggest you change a player.     

(2)Second,replace a formatted high-speed card.

9、The power indicator light is on, but it is not turned on, for the reason may be that the car charger does not match     

Solution: change the charger provided by primary manufacturers.

10、We can’t set time and record.

(1)If the battery is out of power and don’t connect the charger ,the time will be restored the factory setting.you refill the battery and reset.

(2)After resetting, you can’t open it, you maybe to change a new battery. 

(3)Without screen,You should make the time text on the computer.you pay attention to the Win7 that isn’t add the TXT to the time text.

(4)You must to do  according to the instructions.if not,the time format error will have mistake .

11、The video will be turned off automatically

(1)Check the Cyclic Record and the Standby shutdown time.

(2)It maybe has some problem of TF card if the Cyclic Record is turn on .you try to change the TF card.

(3)The g sensor dash cam ,check whether the gravity sensing function of the machine is too sensitive,The gravity sensor is too sensitive to save a lot of video files,The saved gravity sensing video files cannot be circularly covered,So the cards will soon be filled,When the card is full, the video will be stopped.

12、AV IN without image or screen

(1)Check whether the AV IN cable is plugged the AV IN of the main engine and the CAMERA is plugged the AV IN of the camera.
(2)There on two image on the AV IN screen ,but only leave a part of it on the video or image. Whether set up double check (the screen will display A + B above) in the menu .if you only set up A single camera (A or B), the screen will display double-picture, actually only single picture taken out of the picture.

13、the recording time is short

(1)Check whether the loop playback function is turned on.
(2)You can adjust the sensitivity of gravity sensor .the higher gravity sensor will protect the video, which can't  be cyclic.the best way is to adjust sensitivity according to the actual road conditions

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