How to Use Dash Cam



Definition --the definition will affect the size and sharpness of video image display, and the larger the resolution selection, the larger the use capacity.

Loop recording --when it run out of the memory ,it will automatically remove the front recorded video file to record the new file. If you turn off the function of circulate record,it will stop working when the memory is full. 

Exposure compensation--according to the light around the environment, it can automatically adjust the exposure value to see the clearly image. 

Motion detection--

how to use dash cam

If you open the function, it automatically monitors the presence of moving objects when it is in the standby state . when to detect moving objects, it will automatically record, and then continue to monitor after recording.

Sound recording--if you open,it can recording the image as well as sounds.

Date label-- you can choose whether it show the time on the image.

Gravity sensor--

how to use dash cam

when the dash cam in the video by collisions or emergency brake will lock the current video file, former and rear period of video.the locked files will not be automatically deleted,  according to our actual driving conditions we can set up the corresponding sensitivity. 

Date /Time--you can set or change the date or time .

Automatic shutdown-- we can turn off the dash cam when it isn’t recording .if you set it shuts off after a minute of stop recording, it will do that .

Botton sound--we can open or close the key sound 

Light source frequency--there are two choice of it,50HZ and 60HZ. You must to set the 50HZ in china ,images don't appear a ripple of a phenomenon under fluorescent lights .

Formatting -- you can format the memory card that plugs into the dash cam, which can reduce the memory card errors during the use of the memory card.

Timing closing screen - you can set time to close the screen,while the screen is closed,the dash cam normal work.which can save the can touch the random key to open it.

Delayed shutdown - when the external power is turned off, the machine waits for shutdown.

HDR high dynamic range-- we can use it when the light difference is large, it faster to adjust and supply light to the dash cam.  HDR images are to use more photos with different exposure images and then use software to combine them into one image.The advantage is that you can get a picture that has detail in both the shadow and the highlights.In normal, maybe you can only choose one of two.

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