What's the Best Wide Angle Dash Cam



When we buy a hd dash cam, we should consider the brand, the price and some detail, such as, the function and some problem of setting.some people think the bigger angle is better .but the bigger angle will affect the sharper of the image.

What’s the best wide angle dash cam

Do you see the 50°angle of the dash cam? You may be surprised to see that the wide Angle is so small.Is it the possible to have a small wide angle? Actually, there are such small angle of the dash cam in the market. 

Why are the dash cam using the small angle? First, it is similar to our vision, so that it is a standard lens without the distortion .if you want to keep the picture of reduction degree, you can choose it. But if you want a wide vision, you should select the bigger wide-angle.

the small angle of dash cam tells us a truth that we needn’t judge the responsibility from the video when the car has impacted both sides. the side and rear collision may be delineated responsibility clearly.

the best wide angle dash cam

Most manufacturers are exaggerated wide degree, some only 90° wide Angle is obviously marked can reach 140°. according to your need, you can choose the suitable angle about 90°to 150°.

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