What Part of Dash Cam is Made Up of?



Today, I will introduce the part of dash cam according to the main use function, because it is divided into many parts, such as the interior mirror, hide lens and so on.

dash cam lens

The lens of dash cam
The dash cam can record the image on the road and provide evidence for the accident, the lens is the main part of image collection. The essence of the lens is an optical device, if you are a shutterbug, you can understand the lens of dash cam includes the aperture and Angle view . The aperture is controlled to the photosensitive surface of the dash cam.ange view is the range of shots that can be taken.

The sensor of dash cam 

The sensor is the important part of the digital camera. it divides into CCD, CMOS. General, some high demanding image are used to CCD, and the price is high.but a lot of dash cam used CMOS sensor that is high quality and low price.

dash cam chipset

The program of dash cam 
With the lens and CCD, the hd dash cam needs the progress to combine. The dash cam program includes hardware and software. The hardware is interface between the processor and various hardware. The software include various processing algorithms. For primary user, the program is a stander that you can distinguish the bad or good dash cam .at present, the common program is high-end Ambarella, middle-end Novetek, and a good cost performance Allwinne,Syntek,Sunplus and so on.

Memory card of dash cam 
With the CMOS sensor, The image is recorded on the memory card. At present, the dash cam adopts Micro SD Card that is small and large. the dash cam best supports 32G memory card.

The screen of dash cam

Most dash cam has a screen, most of it is 1.5 to 4 inch, some are LED HD,some are common, and so on. It is mainly that we can watch the video expediently. But some dash cam is special, such as car dedicated dash cam (pictured), mostly take concealed installation, so there is no screen. we usually see it on the original car screen or wi-fi phones.

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