How Does Dash Cam Work



Most people only understand the object and don’t know how it works. If your car has been installed the dash cam, you can learn more about the operating principle to use it safely.
Today I will extra introduce the unique advantage of the dash cam. 

how does dash cam work

The working principle of the dash cam camera is that the image through the optical image by lens  projected onto the image sensor on the surface, and then converted to electrical signals, after A/D (analog-to-digital conversion) converted into digital image signal, then sent to the digital signal processing (DSP) chip processing, then to the computer via USB transmission processing, through the display can see the image.
how does dash cam work

Talking about the operating principle of dash cam, it is not complicated. The hd dash cam is equipped with the lens. when you are driving, the image taken by the lens will be recorded into the main engine, and then record to the memory (usually for SD memory card or machine built-in storage space). you can use the computer to read the stored video information or use the screen of the dash cam to browse the video.

1、Power supply: the power supply of the dash cam comes from the the power of the cigarette lighter. It is obviously different than the common camera needs 220v power supply. 

2、Stability: the dash cam has a special bracket so that it can fix in the car the whole day. And the dash cam is designed for the car,  it has better stability.

3、Spacial function: according to the special need during driving, the dash cam is designed more function, such as motion detecting dash cam, accelerometer dash cam, delay shutdown, etc.,

4、Circulation records: the memory of dash cam is limit. When space is fulfilled, it will cover the early image to circulation record, you can always get the latest video.Whether the circular record is supported is also the essential difference between the dash cam and the general camera.

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