Why Buy a Dash Cam?



Nowadays, because the racketeer events occur frequently, it is necessary to install dash cam for the car. Hundred of dash cam brand exist on the market, more internet or entrepreneurial company want to join in-car networking by hd dash cam. At present, In addition to the basic recording, the dash cam has various "smart" functions.
why buy a dash cam

But , why we should buy a dash cam? Here are four reason to buy:

1、The same as “black box”, it record the whole process of driving, when the accident happen, the video can be the evidence for the traffic accident dispute.

2、To avoid blackmail. In current years, most of the drivers were blackmail by the racketeer. If you install the dash cam, you can get the accident video to prevent the racketeer and cut loss.

3、It is convenient to insurance claims. If you have the record of the accident,  the claim can be quickly obtained.

4、In my opinion, it's reassuring to have a dash cam for your car, so that you can handle all kinds of the accident on your way.

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