Wide Dynamic Range Dash Cam Definition



When we buy a dash cam, We noticed that a lot of products have WDR technology on the package. But the driver connecting the dash cam can’t understand its actual function. In fact, WDR technology is important to the clear and quality of the image of the hd dash cam. Here’s the amazing information of the WDR.  

What is the WDR wide dynamic?

WDR wide dynamic: in simple terms, the particularly bright part and particularly dark parts of the scene is clear. The wide dynamic range is the ratio that distinguishes the brightest and the darkest of the image.

wide dynamic range dash cam definition

Generally, when in the relatively low light such as the strong light or backlight, ext, the image shot will appear the brightest and darkest. the bright area is caused by the overlight and dark image, which seriously affect the definition and quality of the image. This limitation is called dynamic range. 

The function of WDR is intelligent equilibrium brightness

For example, traditional dash cam uses a 1/100 of a second after gaining exposure images, but the actual scene will section efflorescence in the addition of the brightest or backlight., and then continuing to 1/10000 of a second to second exposure so that the image will be deleted and darkening. the big disadvantage of traditional dash cam is that the quality of the final image will be cut down after connecting two images. 

wide dynamic range dash cam definition

But the WDR technology hd dash cam can solve the problem light contrast and improve the quality and definition. Such as: car images obtained on the basis of 1/100 of a second, and then to 1/10000 of a second car image, using the wide dynamic (WDR) technology processing can see clearly the most bright or dark place, this kind of technology in overexposed or dark light source can be taken out of the high-quality images.

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