Why Do We Install a Dash Cam



With the increase of the car, leading to the accident occur frequently, and some people work on racketeer. In order to solve the problem of the long handing time, it is necessary to install a dash cam.
why install dash cam

The dash cam installed in the car is the machine that can record the various data and the environment around the car when driving.

As we know the “black box” in the plane is to record the process data in flight. When the plane has accident, according to the data of “black box”, the expert analyze what happens in flight. The data can be used as a guide for future flights.

The dash cam is the “black box” in the car. Not only can it record video by the engine, but also shot the image and sounds by HD lens. When the accident happens, we provide the evidence and protect the right to ourselves. 

Compare with the hd dash cam, car "black box" not only can record over a period of vehicle image, a period of time before and after the accident, sounds, speed, the application of GPS and gyro sensors track data, turning Angle, etc, but also can record the brakes, clutch, engine RPM, switch lights and so on.

Why do we need to install a dash cam? What is the advantage?

The dash cam can record the image and sounds of the whole driving. And then Gravity sensors can be set within the impact sensitivity, when the impact of the outside is greater than the set value, leading to the impact of the data will be recorded, which can provide evidence for the traffic accident.
why install dash cam

If you like self-driving tour, you also use it to record the process of conquering difficulties and obstacles. The dash cam is the same as the “black box”,record the time,speed and location.It can be used at home as a DV for fun , or as a monitoring . Sometime ,it can be the parking monitor.

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