How to Set Time And Date On Dash Cam



Often the driver consults to me about setting time of dash cam. Although the situation is different,it is roughly three types of problem, reset time or stay in shutdown state; Time setting of cycle video; how to adjust the accurate time.

一、The problem of reset time or stay in shutdown state. 

The number of the driver who consults this question to me is more. the reason and solution of it as follow.

(1)The internal battery of dash cam has no electricity so that it can’t continue work.

The power of the internal battery is limited. If the power runs out, it will shutdown to record the time so that it restore factory setting time or the display time is the time of shutdown last time. therefore, we must not run out of the power of the battery in use. 

And how do we save the power of internal battery? I suggest it can choose the supply of cigarette light or reading light, not rely on the internal battery. You should pay attention to the situation about what the dash cam will automatic shutdown when the car shutdown several second. Otherwise, the power of the hd dash cam will run out because of the cigarette lighter socket.

(2)The supply of dash cam battery is normal, but the time can’t be updated.

It is simple to solve it. First, connect the car recorder to the computer, build a time .txt in the memory card's root directory.Enter current time in notepad, such as 2017.06.2412:10:30, then save, and finally unload the battery of the recorder, and then install it.After starting up, you can solve this problem.

二、Time setting of cycle video

With the time setting of cycle video, the driver care about how long do they setting? At present, the cycle video time of dash cam is mainly 1/2/3/5/1 minutes.

The setting time is not too short, otherwise, the video is a mess and the lifetime of memory is reduced. It is difficult to find out the accident video if the setting time is too long. So we suggest setting 3 or 5 minutes.

三、How to adjust the time when it is not accurate.

It is also a simple question. Because the instruction of dash cam is not detailed, or the operation is different, some driver can’t find out the menu to adjust time smoothly.The menu key is usually in the lower right corner or the lower left corner of the screen. Some of the machines may require two clicks to enter the setting panel.

Why does the time dash cam keeps resetting

The reasons and teach you how to solve:

First, the crystal oscillator of the dash cam may have a problem, it is recommended to change.

Second, the time zone of the dash cam was set wrong, only reset the time zone in local time zone.

Third, the dash cam has no battery or has no power of the battery, try to change a battery. 

The dash cam can't update the time

This problem is mostly caused by the power failure of the built-in battery. The storage of the battery is very small. When the car shutdown and the external power supply stop, so the power for the timing chip and other parts of the dash cam need use the built-in battery. When the built-in battery has no power, the time of the dash cam will automatically restore factory setting. 


1, change a battery with big storage 

2, shorten the idle time of the dash cam

If the power supply is normal, but the dash cam can't update time, it means that the mainboard exists problem. 

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