Dash Dam SD Card Selection Suggestion



The dash cam can shot and record during driving. When we select a dash cam, we care about the wide angle, super big night vision, high pixels, and so on, we also pay attention to the memory card. Today, I will talk about the memory card of the 4k dash cam.

dash cam sd card selection suggestion
Dash Cam Micro SD Card 

At present, a lot of dash cam use the Micro SD card, as known as Trans-flash Card, which is one of SD card association.Because of its small size, fast transmission speed and support for hot-plugging, It is widely used in mobile phones, navigation devices, and some electronic products.The size is the only 15x11x1mm.

dash cam sd card selection suggestion

Dash Cam Memory Card Size

Some dash cam on the market can maximum support 32G Micro SD, common are 8, 16,32G. the stander of the dash cam is 1080p. with the 8G memory card, for example, it is sufficient that it can record 180 minutes. Therefore, the memory car under 8G is stopped to produce.
dash cam sd card selection suggestion

Do We Only Care About the Size of Dash Cam Memory

Of course not, the dash cam is a high-speed scratch-writing device, so the size and speed are required.The class is the current standard of Micro SD card speed, with Class0, Class2, Class4, Class6, Class10 grades.For example, the Class2 memory card represents the minimum write speed of 2MB/s, the higher number is the record faster.It is best to use a storage card with a class of 6 or more, and video record will be able to flow without the damage of video recording.

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